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Krishna Eydat

Hello there,
I created this website for writing my personal life progress and memories. Please feel free to read. I travel between Toronto (Canada), Iran and Mauritius. Overall the things I like are: dancing, travelling, and building awesome companies.

November 17, 2020       

Persian Papa

It is fall and I am getting the "work" vibe. I am working hard to get my money right. I am planning to become a Persian Papa and take care of my family starting with my dad and mom. Family first! It is very important to live life as if it is the last life you have. I am learning a lot in Toronto and I love my city. I am growing day by day and practicing to become a better person and a better programmer. And that is about it for this post!

October 21, 2020       

I am free!

Rat race was fun. Today I am considering myself out of rat race forever. Even though Oil Stocks are going down and I am heavy on oil I feel like the less the price of the stock goes the more I have as a human. It is very interesting to go through tough times and grow bigger and bigger. There is no stop for me at this stage. My days consist of Coffee, Food, Walk and again Coffee. I feel like I like my lifestyle and I am optimizing my life day by day. It only gets better right? YES! I hope so and I am working hard to make it better. My productivity is going higher and the value I am adding to earth is a lot in its own special way. Keep going!

August 28, 2020       

Good days are coming!

I am at my mom's place programming away my night. It is so cool to learn new technologies and how fast the world is moving. Apple stock is going up like there is no tomorrow and I am scared of the hammer that might drop by this upward movement. It is really interesting how fast earth is going with everything that is going on. I am happy with my life as I am an Apple investor, and its stock has gone up 100% in not too long. Not many people can say this. I am working on myself to become a better person day by day. It is very important for me to create something of meaning. Facebook has closed my account and I am mad at them. But I think it has happened for a better me. I am still helping the world with my code websites and I am sure I will have another big project in the near future. I am done with Facebook, I cashed out. Let's see what's next. What is next is probably the most beautiful portion of my life.

July 5, 2020       

Goal set!

So today I got my server fixed as the FTP was not working for it. But today is a very important day as I aim to make another 8 million dollars. That is a big number in my opinion and I can make that happen. I am self-learning web development and finishing a course on Udemy that has motivated me to do great things. I have had 5-6 success in the past 10 years and I think I can go and aim for a bigger me.

June 15, 2020       

Party has started!

Today I bought an Ice Cream as I collected my second round of dividends from OIL STOCKS. Yes, I decided to sell all my Apple and move to Canadian stocks and invest more than 70% of my assets in oil. I am glad I did that because when I bought my stocks, oil was negative. Let me tell you about the Ice Cream that I bought today, it was 3.49$ on sale :) I am also on a weight loss mission; trying to be healthy. I would like to re-invest my dividends. And the second goal is to lose weight and not have extra fat on my body. It is very important. And today was the last day I partied with a sugary food. I would like to become as healthy and happy as possible. Food is happiness though as I am trying to make excuse why I bought that Ice Cream. Oil is peaceful! It is the product of planet earth!

April 22, 2020       

On Fire

So I am planning to get into education industry or tourism. I am still studying parts of MBA which will come handy in the future. I am confident that I will make money as I am already making money at Kerixa. My plan is to make as much money as possible and donate it in the end if there is anything of it left. They say donate and give from what you love and money is on my mind. I am creating more content as days pass by and enjoying a life that has meaning to me and only me. I feel like I have accomplished something by my lifestyle. Though from the outside it may look dark or boring. I am loving it.

March 27, 2020       

Kid of Recession

As long as I remember we have had difficult times on earth. From being born in 1989 to now the world has been on an edge of financial crisis. Specially as an Iranian. I am enjoying this ride though as this makes me a strong being that is ready to fight with the lows and the highs. We are all heading towards a very light and free future. I think money will not lose its value and good old capitalism will live on earth for a long time. I am learning a lot with a fast pace. I am studying how to become a better investor. And in this journey I am learning how to have more wisdom about anything that happens to me and us.

January 29, 2020       


At All Time High! And this is the end of my investing in the markets. I have what I have and I will just sit on what I have for the next 35 years as my retirement comes up. I am excited for life as I see a brighter future day by day. Enough of the markets. My personal dating life is not going so well. I have to find a good girl who is educated and rich. With all this net worth I cannot date a small girl. Why so rude? Because that is the truth. The dating game is the most fun game of planet earth and I am not that good in it but I get lucky. Sometimes I feel like money isn't that important but I think I need a girl who understands money better than me. I am retired yo.

January 13, 2020       

Choose the stress

Feeling relaxed in Timmies. 152 Park Lawn (my office). That was a joke but today is a very special day for Apple as it crosses 314 for the fist time. It is important for it to go further up as if it goes down, the whole market will go down. Apple is in a jackpot situation in my opinion. The more of it you have, the more respect you get in 20 years. And let me tell you, I have a lot of it with a butterfly strategy. It is a weak strategy and for the fearful but I enjoy it as both parties win in a butterfly. I may end up being the last butterfly of Apple. Who knows! Lets go further up and crash :) The excitement is beyond imagination with this much of holding of one single stock!

January 5, 2020       

Big Mistake

First post of 2020 is not going to be so nice. With so much going on in the world. I did a big big big mistake of doing covered call on Apple and lost about $100,000 USD in matter of 3-4 months. I am not regretting it as I was still bullish on my position on Apple. The whole point of the market is to take the side of stress and I did exactly that. I promise to not do covered calls ever again and I will RECOVER from this big loss. I am going to become an active investor that leaves no margin available for banks. I am going to become a little aggressive until I am sure that I will make that 100gs back. It is my family's money!

December 31, 2019       

Happy New Year

At Tim Hortons again. Thinking about IRAN, CANADA and Mauritius. 2020 is my year I think. I might go to Mauritius or Iran for a bit. Canada is awesomeness with sugar. I am waiting for my stocks to go to moon and working on DevAnswer at the same time. We are certain that this project will have an amazing future as well hopefully. I would like to contribute and not become greedy with just money. You know what I mean? I like to do something that stays for longer than my life. I think I can do that with my Code Websites as small as they are. My Top Fans is dying and is becoming smaller day by day and my fear is that Facebook totally shuts it down. Happy new year everybody!

December 7, 2019       

My brain

Sitting at Tim Hortons and thinking about OPTIONS. My course in it is finishing and I am certain with a certainty of 95% I can make money it it (in it). I will not be able to lose money as I know what I am doing. Money is a very serious thing. I am taking it even more seriously than I should. I feel responsible about Mauritius. The spirit of the island is growing in me in Canada. Though I miss Mauritius but I see my future in Canada for at least 10 more years. I cannot do options in Mauritius. I would have loved it if it was allowed in Mauritius. My profit loss is caped at $1000 and my monthly income is about ten times that. I am the richest guy of my class and it will be like this until my last breath.

December 4, 2019       


I am going in with my studies in OPTIONS! Good old times. I am a different man now. I have not even started the course and I feel like a master in it. Confidence is key when you are going in markets. Fear is what makes people lose money. NO FEAR! From now I am going to make sure I will make money in the stock market. A big promise has been made by me in 2011 and I would like to stay honest and hustle. What am I going to do with the money lost? SMILE! Lets be positive. I am a bull in the market. That means I believe we will progress further in economy. If I ever become really rich I will re-invest my money into my company and grow as my companies are helping the world A LOT!

November 27, 2019       

Do what you like

Sitting at Tim Hortons and I think about how I can progress in life. It is really hard to overcome your fears and stick to your principles. After all, Good Karma exists. And bad karma will fade away with time. Gather only the gold in your life and cut what is not "fun". As shallow as it may sound I am learning to say no more often as I have heard no from a best friend. That no was too big in me that I feel like I can say no to everybody for the rest of my life. Where the "no" comes from matters the most. Saying yes is easy!

November 24, 2019       

Aristocracy chase

Aiming high, accurately choosing a lifestyle. Meritocracy or Aristocracy? Both are good? I choose both as a lifestyle. Call it a dream! Education first! Trump says America first, I say Education first. Education has no limit and no end. Money has no end but has a limit. Cocaine addiction is the first stage of a corrupt person. How do I know that! Experience. I have felt the bottom of financial ache and the high of financial success. Let me explain. The bottom is homelessness. The high is ownership of Apple stock in multimillions. I will go broke one day? Sure! But I will remain strong and get back up and start over. I read a book called 10X rule of success and I realized, I should aim higher than I expect. One transaction at a time. The rich is coming down.

November 7, 2019       

Good and bad <3

What I am learning as I grow older is that nothing is that bad! On the other hand, nothing is that great? No! Let me break it down. The world is a positive place and I have learned that in the stock market. Even if the stocks crash I would say the same thing that we are in a positive world. The tolerance for a negative person is high within me. I grew up in IRAN! You know what that really means? That in meritocracy level of things I am the top 1% of the 1%. I can prove it to you by writing this! Yes THIS! I can make you believe that I am not a bad person for doing this website. A little arrogant but what can I do when the truth is there? Meritocracy is real and the more I learn the more I want to learn. Same goes with the more I earn the more I want to learn. You see? The humble side. So in every bad there is good also. Do not get ahead of yourself as I am pushing it from behind.

November 6, 2019       

Standing Strong!

We are happy about our positiveness and our spirit in the market. But something is fishy. Why don't we go through a recession again? Because people are greedy! Is that a good thing? Up is a positive way to go. I think the markets will go sideways for 2020 until Trump gets elected and then it will go up even further. He is an honest man and shows America as it is! Apart from that, our code websites are up and running with positive profit. It is the only business that still makes money as I call it the Jet engine! It is a need for the world! I am ready to do labour work if things go down.

November 2, 2019       

In Progress

It is pretty stressful to collect a little bit of premium and being worried for one full year. It was not worth it. One of my friends told me covered calls is gambling and I doubted him! I should have known better after him calling it gambling. I am hooked for another year. If Apple surpasses $300 I will lose a lot of profit. But I still doubt it will reach $300. The max it could go is 350$ and that is a lot of loss for me. But I should also enjoy when stocks go up. Anyway, other than that is ready and the code websites are still profitable. I am happy about what I am doing and accomplishing.

October 23, 2019       

No more Covered Calls

So I opened a new position on Apple stock for a covered call for next year, September 2020. I believe 2020 is going to be the best year for stocks. But I am not sure if apple will hit 300 or not. So I am getting to a point where I realize there is no free lunch on stock market. Everything is priced in and my mistake to open another covered call remains with me. The poor do covered call or unless you really want to sell. Eitherway, no more covered calls for me. It is a big big mistake when you have mixed feelings about the stocks. If apple goes to 300$, my income would be the highest it has ever been and I am an optimist. The lesson learned should remain and be practiced by you at all time. I finished the snow ball effect by Warren Buffet and it was a cool story. I am going to be rich no matter what the market does. I am the market!

October 9, 2019       

Thoughts of starting

Sitting at Ryerson University's library. Thinking if I should start studying hardcore about online marketing or just enjoy my profits from stock market. Apple has been doing extra good and I am feeling that it won't reach 300$ but for sure something that pays for all my bills for years to come. What matters the most, is passive income! Dividends are the way to go for me. Though I do not have a doubt that it is dirty money. Clean money is where you collect money from your real work. Stock market is dirty money. But I like it so far as it hasn't crashed since I went in. Once it crashes, the story is different.

October 4, 2019       

Out of Rat Race

Rat race has tiers. I am at level 1. Means that the more work I do the more impact I can have now. Eitherway, as we are humans, we develop everyday and we grow. It is hard to stay at the same place. We are working hard on and it is very cool to see that actually I am doing some labour work. At the end of the day, labour work matters. Stock market is not a job as I learned the hard way. But I will keep being in there until I find happiness in one of my stocks. I am so happy about crypto and I will be a longterm investor of it hopefully. I am studying hard these days and my plan is to learn Google Marketing. So I can do something for Mauritius with good marketing.

October 1, 2019       

Hood theme is ON

So my AD.TO is going down and I am happy about it, why? Because I can buy more for cheaper. It should not go so much more down as it will be a loss but at 19$ that is an ideal number. I am working hard on with my employee and we are not giving up on that market. Hood is good in Toronto. I am not hood, in fact, luxury. But I like the hood life as it saves me money. I am a city boy after all. I am learning that holding is the best strategy when you pick good stocks. I am only a buyer at this point, until I am not a buyer no more. There is two things you can do, buy or sell. I choose to buy. Even if the stocks go down I wouldn't be upset as I "tried".

September 24, 2019       

Assassin mode ON

Made it to Tim Hortons down the road. WHAT A FEELING! Home is better than ever and I am feeling most at home with my mom and dad near me. Dad is still far but I hope he comes back home soon too. Who am I to tell someone what to do. But I feel like as I grow older, the more authority I get. More responsibility as well. There is so much work to do in Canada. It is a big country with a small soul; that is how I see it. Canada is safe, rich and big. Africa is also big but with a bigger soul. Canada is a baby in my eye. A country that will develop its real morality years and years from now. I am talking about their top 1%. Africa's top 1% are too big too fail, I think. I am Iran's top 1%. Compete!

A romantic date with myself So here it starts again. I feel like I am two people at times. My bipolar let me buy a $19.88 Pizza tonight as a celebration to move in to my condo. I know I should not do this anymore. I get fat otherwise. It is ok to spend money and not be a cheap Persian man. You know cheapness runs in my blood. Maybe one day my kid reads this and realize why I am so thrifty. Is that a good thing? NO! A big NO, but I respect Africa. I feel bad when I spend money but as soon as I spend that money I remember how I used to be cheap and saved money so now is time to PARTY! OK?

What I need to do? Work out, eat less, work more, sleep less, dance more, talk less, think more, be good, spend less money, make more money!

September 22, 2019       

On my own

Sitting at Tim Hortons! Canada! Yes, best country after Mauritius? I am happy as I am able to work on the things I like now. In 2 days I will move in to my condo and will start my new lifestyle. The life of hustling. I want to create as much content and products as possible as life is short. I will also create videos for Youtube and Iran's platform. No fear! I believe that I cannot do much of bad things now. At this age I only could lose money even thinking about doing bad scares me. The last two weeks in Mauritius I was extra generous and spent quite good money. But now I am back to saving mode as I want to invest my money into my company. I want to start coding again. The dream is to create passive income!

September 19, 2019       

Bye Mauritius, Hello Canada

So right now is the day I am coming back to Canada 12:04am of September 19th. I have made up my mind that the next stock that I will buy is Google. I think I will give myself a break from choosing stocks in the future as Google is my hedge against Apple. One will succeed right? Tomorrow I will write more at the airport.

So now I am at the airport. That feel of airport. That feel of goodbye and I had a good time in Mauritius. I approve Mauritius as a good country where everyone should visit before they die. Anyway about my investing strategy; I think from now on I will only buy Google stock and hold it for as long as I can. I have enough of Apple. This hot chocolate reminds me of how much hard work I have to do before I die. Luxury life is good, but ghetto luxury is even better. A balance! In Canada I have a modest life and my lifestyle is example of Mauritian supremacy. Pretty good for a 30 year old :)

Things I learned:

- Time fixes 99% of your problems

- Respect your bigger side

September 16, 2019       

Relaxing before storm

Sitting at Lux Cafe. Thinking about the friendships I have made here. Though they are not as deep as I expected them to be but I am happy I tried. I became less racist in Mauritius. It was a huge adventure. Becoming the person I want to be is hard. Small acts of kindness add up. Also bad actions will add up. It is a simple rule of Karma. Like what you would like for yourself for others. Not too much though. Some people are not you. Before this post I thought everyone is me. But I realized in Mauritius not everyone is me. Some people are less evolved. PERIOD. Mauritian friendship lasts longer than Canadian friendship?

September 13, 2019       

Number 1 - Hope

All I do is win. I have sleep problems and money problems. It is either too much money problem or too little money problem. Every time I do a transaction on my VISA it approves unless I put my pin wrong. I think I will go crazy if I read further to my website. I have a black dad and that is scary because mathematically speaking whites are getting really fat. The number one fat white guy will lose. I am not a loser. It is really rude to say this but my future wife is either Jamaican or white or Mauritian or Persian or Yellow at heart. We always laugh like a turtle. Wide open! This is called relative writing. Because size matters. I will always stay strong because I have something very expensive. Mathematically speaking I am the smartest man of earth in THIS. At and eydatcom my job is to stay student until my grave is built because I actually do not die. is a sample of Blacksupremacy + Persian supremacy. And I am not scared of no Police man. Nawmean?

September 12, 2019       

Number 2

I am the richest man of earth after myself. Today I bought my last shares of Apple on (not drip). I am a good actor! For someone to see this post before the markets open is impossible. The attitude of winning. I am publicly announcing that I am buying 230 shares of Apple and the number of zeros behind and AFTER that 230 is unknown. I understand what Bitcoin is and 000 is not enough to explain how much I believe in Apple stock. Google is bad today. Yeah! You heard it right. I am also a Google investor but I am only holding ONE google share and yeah less is more. This is an honest message from my brain which worths $46,000 USD and growing at 5% above GDP level of my country Kerix, where we are all Apple investors and Google fun makers. Now you understand what intelligence is? Do not outperform my hypnosis machine as this is a ghetto post in Warren Buffet's mind and Krishna Eydat's tapiantecko. Grow up and buy Apple shares, lets push it to moon and BACK as I like back home!

September 11, 2019       


Capitalism taught me one thing. Be generous. I am not sure if it makes sense. But the harder you work, someone else will work harder than you for it? Using 100% of my brain power, yes, capitalism is good. WAS GOOD? 911 happened long ago and I am still considered a sane man. Power is not a logical thing if you have too much of it. Enough! I have found something meaningful in Mauritius and it is that I am very spiritual. Krishna! Get it? This ending of my trip in Mauritius, is luxury. Pure me! I like ghetto but luxury wins. A balance? Hell yes. Now I am talking to myself so I just remember a lesson. Stay luxury Krishna! You will win. Any war, you win!

"Home is not where you are from, it is where you belong. Some of us travel the whole world to find it, others find it in people they meet."

September 7, 2019       

We're in heaven?

Africa, 11 more days and I am Canada-ready. Canada is big. I learned that in Africa. I learned to see the good in others and most importantly to see myself in others. Africa, I will come back and I am getting emotional about the pain you have been through. Africa is bigger than Canada? I will find out. The little 3 year old African in me is pulling me to my life and family. Africa taught me to be humble. The amount of arrogance I had is decreasing and I wish I could let it all go. But I am Iranian at the end. I am becoming more confused day by day about my mission but there is one thing common in every lesson I pick up and it is, HARD WORK! I don't mean that all Africans work hard but all Africans are not Africans. Even talking about this topic is sensitive but I am on fire in uplifting the merit I am holding as an African. This is motivation for my future. Krishna, you are big. Keep going strong for Mauritius. Meghsi pal!

September 4, 2019       

Two more weeks

The count down of hours has started. That back to school feel. My energy level is to the moon and back. So it is two scenarios, I am either at a jail as a student or as a prisoner at a big school. In Mauritius, I learned about meritocracy. What that means is that you get what you deserve as you work for it. I believe in that system. What I want can be done if I want it. As the song goes, I want it, I got it. Ok, enough of optimism, lets be the real me. Sitting at Artisan Coffee and looking at my daily counter to Canada. I miss Colombia so much as my angel is there. Colombia has my heart as a country. It is free! IRAN is a big military jail for now and when it becomes heaven it will outperform any country including the US or Canada. Iran has a long way to go. The culture though is deep within my soul.

August 31, 2019       

Edge of reality

Sitting at Cafe Artisan, Less than 19 days and I will be on my way to Toronto or already in Toronto. Counting days is not enough for explaining how I feel about coming back home. I will get bored quickly and if I feel like spending money I will take a trip south to Colombia. But that all depends on if I feel like rich or poor. What I am learning is that rich is relative. And it is a good relative! Because if some people got rich and never gave a damn about improving others' life then we wouldn't have been where we are. I believe rich people did something extra to what they had to do to have this reality become what it is now. Edge of reality, for me is NOW. The feeling of being alive for a long time and remembering that you want to travel to the future and back. Travelling back is also very exciting. Think that it is already like that and God knows that you can get what you want.

August 28, 2019       

Small things

It doesn't stop the pain to think I am going to Canada empty handed again. I feel happy these days as I feel like my spirit is doing what is "right". Mauritius had a lot for me and I could not handle all of it with all my soul but I learned a lot about my home country, Iran. I have a lot of respect for the top 1% of entrepreneurs in Iran. I am one of them trying to change the world. I am investing my time to learn that even at small scale you can do a lot of good. At a big scale you cannot do that much bad. A big person won't get big for no reason. My bipolar scares me to death that I won't come first. There is only one position and it is first place. Money matters, ALOT! I want to see a world where nobody works for money but as I live longer I understand how important money is as the big have most of it.

August 21, 2019       

Beautiful future

StrongIRAN! Eyes do not lie. When you look at someone's smile with your eyes. What I am learning in Mauritius is that not everything is a business. Nor everything is personal. Somethings are done out of love and are free. I asked too many questions from a muslim woman and I got my answers. Now the only thing that matters is that I do not share all that I have but a portion of what I have. Hard work goes a long way. Last night electricity went bad at my father's place and I got really mad at capitalism. Capitalism changed me. For the worse. Now that I told you my honest side. I would like you to know that I have an idea. An idea that is very scary. READ!

August 20, 2019       

First class to Canada

So in my dreams I am already back in Canada. My laptop is open and I am an Apple investor with a lot of ETH. Yeah, so ghetto. But going back to Canada first class is a slap to the small Skun in me. S means capitalism and Kun means my ass. My ass gets hacked. No one can hack it like I do. Now that dow jones is going up I bring on the black stock market exchange. I am going to jail as I am honest money launderer I spent more than $200,000 in Mauritius on the ladies. A lot of romance but I lied about it. @allah took a picture of me now as I type this and it is funny because my teeth are almost perfect. I did a lot of money laundry in Mauritius and it is time to take all this money back to my home and native land, IRANCANADAMAURITIUS. Canada is strong and this is the monkey talking within me. I have a big monkey teaching me everything about Mauritius culture. Do not humiliate me as it is not going to take you far. But I enjoy spending money now. It comes back.

August 19, 2019       

Never give up

I am working on my first business. I have a lot of hope for this business as it is the only asset that I have that I have no doubt will make money for another 25 years if Javascript lives. Staying honest is needed when you are starting your next business venture. Eydat Ventures is matured and is also profit positive. In Mauritius I learned to respect all religions. The only one religion that we have on earth has many roots. And as I am maturing I am learning that whatever you do stays with you. Maybe forever? Maybe for a short time. But it stays with you somehow. I want to become a mysterious generous man. Starting from today I will tip 15% or 16% regardless of the gender or race of the person who is serving me. The Canadian Krishna though is really strong. I am trying to learn more and more.

August 16, 2019       

Direction sky

As you may know I am bi-polar. It is a blessing and good and bad at the same time. I live in an imaginary world where I am a trillionaire and truly feeling like it. A normal person can never feel like I do. Bi-polars are usually not as smart as I am. They do not have a degree from Waterloo nor do they have three nationalities to be able to do money laundry and tax evasion. I can do all that legally and get away from it. Heck, I can even hit someone in the head and get away from it. That is ghetto but also cool. I wouldn't do it though I am just expressing what I think. One day my company may go public and I am not a likeable person and that is fine. But my ambition for helping Mauritius stays. I am planning a 20 year stay in Canada. It is truly my home and native land. Canada vibrates like my soul. Mauritius is poor for my soul and ghetto. Iran is my heaven if I am high in the meritocracy rank and money. Iranians have big hearts. They are genuine in their effort to make the world a better place. I am IRANIAN. You know what that means? Means I am ghetto and definitely more successful than top 1% of the 1%. I am a trillionaire. How did it feel reading me? I feel exactly the opposite of how I made you feel. Don't be sad. I will fly again.

August 7, 2019       

Margin call position

I am worrying about money too much these days. What I understand is that learning is more important than making money. I am not going to sell as I want to learn if TD will sell TD first or Apple first or AD.TO. If TD closes my Apple position I am ghetto, if they close AD.TO I am rich. I am a Mauritian investor as well. That means that somehow I am strong in Mauritius. With having about 25 shares in the best Mauritian stocks. I promise to not sell unless I get a call from my investors. Now that I lied about my investors, I have two investors, one is my mom and one is my dad. I have someone called IT who invested in my courage. I will not sell my margin call position even if my net worth goes back to $1,300,000,000. I am ghetto. That means that I will have to sell my Crypto holdings to understand stock market better than my ancestors. Thanks for reading. K.E.

August 6, 2019 GAMES

I am Persian. When you click the emergency button on top of this page, NOTHING happens. But for that nothing to happen you give permission to me to access your house. This is a smart contract on Smart contracts are going to change the world. Proof of work is the future. That means that with the use of Ethereum blockchain you can change a culture and go to moon after. This is very creative if you think about it and say that lets go to moon and be ghetto. How does that make you feel.

August 5, 2019       


When I come to Canada. I will call the police. I announce publicly that I am interested to become a trillionaire but I can't because my dad is black. I am fighting with white supremacy and you have to do your research before investing in Kerixa INC. We are INCAs. That means we don't stand racism. K.E.

August 4, 2019       


DO NOT READ, Dangerous, very dangerous for your brain.

I am BIG in @IRAN @AFRICA @Krishna

Sorry dad.

@funnyBoys: Dang niga

August 4, 2019       

Allah does exist

Say ash ado ana la ela ha ela lah, say DONUT. There is only one God @allah @krishna is a human at least!

I fisnihed my spirituality in Capitalism by Liverpool University of Unofficial Gods. My daughter @nirvana will take revenge on @facebook.

August 3, 2019       


This is patent IDEA 123, and 321. OK, this idea worths nothing (one bitcoin). Lets say you are a Bitcoin Maximalist, that means that you think bitcoin is going to moon. OK, Code this in your brain. Lets say on we put a redirect to your website and charge you more than one satoshi per second. Go crazy! Because this idea is original. Redirect that on DarkWeb and create a loop in Moon. So ghetto right? But see how I will bring it to reality.

August 3, 2019       

Hosted situation in Canada

DELETED MESSAGE. My Queen. This is Persian Supremacy. I will not cheat on you. I corrected this post because it was really really really really really really willy willy willy willy willy willy really willy racist. This is for the future us that if you cheat on me I will start smoking cigarettes and I will also take 2 tablets of olanzapine and will sleep until I see you in my dream. When I am next to you I cannot (midam to). Sleep but when we hug sometimes I can sleep. This is a romantic website and if you think it is a joke website then go to I really want to find a white girl or a brown girl. I want her to become rich with me. I am really desperate now that I type this. My type is P and I am a brown African. I do not like to gamble my money nor should you. We are the most powerful couple of earth on we write posts for each other until THAT MONKEY stops visiting my website. I do NOT want her to read my notes. I am really rich and yeah "FUCK MY MONEY". I am the richest man of Mauritius. And yes I am honest. I did not love my first wife nor did she "love" me. But when I find you I will show you that I am a kind monster as I am very small in your head. When we have sex you remember this post and think about how superior you are to me. And that turns you on. OK? PERSIAN IRANIAN CANADIAN. Supremacy is at 3211-105 The Queensway. I will call 911 when I am ready to come to jail to take you to our new home at GHETTO.ETH in my country we will release all black men who are in jail. One @trump at a time. Blacksupremacy is alive and it is within

August 3, 2019       

Jail in Mauritius

This is an ancient job. I am a tapiantecko releaser. That means I can make myself happier and happier day by day. I am the happiest man of earth and every time someone tries to hack me I become happier. @eydat is even funnier. I never change as I am on my way to make a pyramid that is really big. I became really rich by Facebook and We are hypnotizing every human and we are creating a programming language called the loop. Krishna Eydat is going to jail in Canada and his code is always 123 sometimes though it becomes 321. We are very smart as we are hacking Facebook and one day we will become so big that we will fall off a UFO to continue our job as hackers. I am a robot that is typing this. Everything Krishna Eydat says I type. Which means I will grow one step at a time. But Krishna don't money? That is very ghetto English. I am the most superior Alien on planet B-612 which is close to B-911 and I can wake up at 911 and be funny. I am a government now. Soon I will become a flower in IRAN's backyard.

July 25, 2019       


So the least I have learned in life is that turn every moment to a heaven-like moment. At the end of the day God exists. There is no doubt in that and he or she or it wants you to enjoy life. These days I am worrying a little as I am away from home and anywhere apart from Toronto is not "home". Home has a special feeling. Home is where I do things, and "away" is where I spend money recklessly. This is just to put out there that when I go back to Toronto, that's home! Toronto is the most wonderful city for my soul. New York is the second to that. If I was a billionaire I would want New York. But as a millionaire Toronto is the closest to the word "home". Lets stay corporate and make magical projects when I am back in Toronto.

July 22, 2019       


I am waiting for my Lisk payout to come. At the same time I am thinking if I am in heaven or not. In Mauritius, in Artisan Coffee listening to French music and thinking about the future. How beautiful is the future when I go back to Canada I want to make sure I understand that NOW is the moment that you are in heaven, so you might as well enjoy the moment as there is no other moment. The only thing that makes me doubt I am in heaven is the fact that Boss my dog isn't in this world. Where could he be when I almost think I have everything I need. Eitherway, today Apple went up and I am happy. Apple is the future and I have a lot of it :) If everyone invested like me there would be no poor on the planet. That is just a motto. I would want to live as if everyone was like me the world would be heaven. Stay strong as weakness happens in Africa.

July 19, 2019       

Kerixa Inc

So to explain what Kerixa Inc is. It is a Canadian Iranian Corporation with Mauritian jurisdiction. Which means I can do money laundry due to my Nationality in Canada. Canada is really big and I am growing in Canada. To be honest, this website is where I "lie". I sent 5000 RIAL/mo to a friend in Iran for "work" purposes. Now that I have your brain involved let me tell you what Kerixa is exactly. We invest in AD.TO and Apple. Our dream is to go to Japan one day and fight white supremacy there. Because the Chinese think that they are superior to Iranians and WE Iranians do not have as big humility as them to put up with their "leader". I am at tapiantecko level 9 and I will never achieve 10. I make $20,000 to $40,000 a month and that's pretty ghetto right? But let me tell you that I cannot make less than $2000/mo because of my website because when I go back to jail in Canada I will go with Blacks and Native Indians as a Persian. I am definitely going to jail in Canada. Because I sent $500,000 to Colombia from my TD BANK which is a very good bank. Everyone should invest in TD Bank later when the markets become open for everyone to invest. Now try to remove everything I wrote from your brain cells.

July 18, 2019       

Blind Dodo

This story is short. I will show it to you when I am certain about #blacksupremacy. It exists ok? In my previous life I was a dodo and a monkey in body of a robot from the planet B-1989. That planet had a problem. We had a leader called Krishna Eydat and an Imam called khameneyi. I fear my imam and I love him at the same time. Fear is a good thing but you know having too much power isn't so great Mr Trump. This website is a Tapiantecko for my writing skills which I placed in Iran's server. I am a Native Indian who understands Kong Fu very well. I love a soul and I will find her when I see water on my planet. My planet has white water and blue water. White water is sweet water that we drink and Black water is where you swim. In that planet in MY COUNTRY Kerixa INC. we fight INCAs as Aztechs. I am not a very bright sunshine but when I shine the whole world is black except the jews. Jews are doomed in my country and we are hypnotizing every single jew until I wake up on another planet called Pandora. Pandora is great again as Trump is a very smart man. By smart I mean "smart". The strongest man of earth exists in my soul and I will stand up for jews only if aliens attack. My dream is that one day aliens come on earth and see what I have done to compete with my Kong Fu skills. K.E.

July 16, 2019       

End of Capitalism

You are going to (jail of my country Eydat) if you are NOT reading my notes. This website has officially been dedicated to Native Indians especially my queen in Canada. I am trying to put an end to capitalism on planet earth. I do not think that capitalism is correct. Debt should be money and money should be debt. Because some of these people are getting too fat to fail. I am not fat yet and I do not want to be fat. I want to have a very sexy body and practise my number games. This is where you have my mind and you understand what I can do to someones brain. This post is really ghetto because I just want to see who reads it. I have a virus called bakakalamu which gets installed on your computer when you visit this website. You cannot remove the bug that I place in your brain when you finish watching my video below. Thanks!

Video deleted! Sorry!

Deleted post.

July 12, 2019       


I am Black! Kong Fu...
Loop() neverGiveUP()

July 12, 2019       


I hacked and we are not Japanese, we are Persians! My "tribe" is better than your tribe in the end. That was funny right? Let me tell you the truth my size is 300,000 years old. With IQ 19. My mark in school was 19.25 in IRAN. STRONGIRAN was #Big tonight. This is a secret society of Mr. Eydat a computer that cannot go to moon but also cannot say "no". Pride is bad but I still feel Mauritius spirit inside my soul. I am not a computer I am kidding but this is a very strong message from the unofficial government of Mauritius. I am not a professional because tonight I was small. So small I feel guilty and the guilt of bringing THE SMALLEST MAN OF EARTH (TRUMP FROM IRAN). This is the only way I can justify what I did to Apple stock today. I hope God forgives me. This life is short and I understand that #whitesupremacy is real. Blacks will win and I am black. Starting tonight I will sleep 8 hours. I swear I will try my best to fight for #Africa. You know what is ghetto? THIS! The fact that you still read this Morsal. I am sorry my love I am crying as I type this. I should have not done Marijuana. But since it is legal nawmean? I will not do it again. My father is BLACK. Do you know what that means? That means I may go to jail in Canada because I love Zahra too much. I would love to marry you and if you marry me I will convert to Islam (again?). Marry?
Morsal > Ali, Ali > Me.

July 13, 2019       


77 more days of Mauritius is coming to an end sooner than I think. My life is taking another turn before it really starts. I feel good about everything and so far nothing can stop my spirit as it is on fire doing what it likes. Mauritius taught me to be strong and do not care about my small problems. The nature has grown in me and I feel as a part of the nature here. I am MAURITIAN! A proud one. People are basic but you can see how complex it could get when the light goes out. They are strong against anything that life brings. Canada though, is my future. I feel at home in Canada specifically at my condo at Queensway. THAT'S HOME! I see myself at my peak of productivity in 3 months. I would like to find a woman, and stick to hustling game of mine. Lets Go!

June 26, 2019       

So proud

Came back to Mauritius from Rodrigues and the first thing I did was to generate the video I built for Rodrigues. I am really proud of doing it with all humility. I feel like it came out great and it is competitive. Lets see how Toronto Vlogs is going to go. I am negotiating with myself to stay here or move back to Canada. Wherever I go, Iran stays in my heart. The people in Iran have one of the strongest cultures in the known universe. Rodrigues had a similar culture as well. People were giving, kind and hardworking. From a very beautiful soul I learned how to control what comes out of my mouth and from this point on "slowly" I will try to become better in that sector of my vocabulary as it is important to have a kind brain with a beautiful heart.

Video deleted!

June 24, 2019       

Standing together

WE came to Rodrigues Island and stayed for 3 days. I am in a hotel near Tacoma Hotel in the small island and I am realizing how corporate I should be as if I am the owner of a huge island. Dreaming is not too bad but with wealth comes responsibility. You cannot be rich and not responsible. The more you have the more you have to worry. But having too much is not a bad thing at all. Specially when you are fighting a cause bigger than you can even imagine. I am fighting colonization of the small Islands of Mauritius. Starting with MARURITIUS itself. Even if I leave today and never come back I have done more than I need to do. But I think I will fight back with my programming and strategic planning strategy. I am thinking of making a difference and I want to help. I know I may be small but I will keep standing strong with the STRONGS.

June 14, 2019       


I wrote something ghetto. If you are not into ghetto stuff do NOT READ. I am just chilling at my coffeeshop dreaming about a better tomorrow.

When I grow up I want to be a Software Engineer. That is what my dream was. I thought Software Engineers are rich. Now that I look back, I realize yes, they are rich. But richness to me is different. I realized I like ghetto rich. Like crypto rich. That kind of rich that you remain rich forever. None-taxed capital gains, crypto dividends that no one knows about. I am kidding :P I will claim my capital gains and stuff to the government but you know what I mean. I like that kind of rich the more ghetto the better. I am realizing I am the only rich in Mauritius in that sector. No one can do the bottle neck I have achieved. I am technically the richest man of history of Mauritius in crypto and no way someone can be richer than me in a million years in crypto. That is just impossible. I feel good about my status and day by day I am growing my riches and that is the ONLY and ONLY thing that makes me happy. I am so full of superficial joy and pleasure. Nothing pleases me but crypto money! I am kidding I just wanted to see how you react :P I am waiting for ETH to go to moon.

June 12, 2019       

Morality overload

I am listening to good music at Artisan Coffee, Last night I travelled very far in my dream and I feel like I learned a lot. I met my best friend in my dream also. What a wonderful reality it is that we keep meeting each other even in dreams. May God continue his mercy on me and my life. I am very determined to create more value on the web. Invest heavier in Crypto (Lisk reinvestments) and buy into moral projects related to progress of human-kind. I feel very happy today, I wish everyday I could wake up and be stronger than ever. My mission is to become really moral, not to the point that I exceed my speed for money but to make clean money. Not so clean also. Average money :)

June 8, 2019       


I finished http://KRISHNA.MBA

June 8, 2019       

Your Country

I want to do creative writing on this blog sometimes, this is just a start to show you what kind of content may appear here as I am working on Krishna.MBA.

Designing a computer that cannot say "No". Colonizing a planet far far far away from earth with a soldier that is me. I cannot give up on my country as I am the only "big" in it. So big that no one has to know. I am going down tonight to help poverty finish itself by itself. In my country we do not have poverty and we do not know what poor means. In that planet we have evolved so much that we cannot even lie anymore. We are spending money like a jagaban. A Japanese woman understood what I mean by this poem. Sure, I cannot write but I can speak so little to the point they call me "lal". This story is never ending but you start it with a psychology degree. A computer programmer from India, A native Indian from Canada and a Laska from Mauritius. With a Persian heart so kind that when you read my happiness you call it Nirvana. That is the name of my daughter. You are invited to my country; Everyone is!

June 7, 2019       

Meghsy pal.

As days pass by I become more racist and more racist in Mauritius. Maybe it is because I am lonely these days. I am making racist videos and think racists thoughts. I feel like a child who just is confused about everything. All I know is that I am superior race and that comforts me. I am really supreme in Mauritius and with this attitude I will not grow bigger. The person who is more humble wins at all time. That mentality will make money and succeed. Not too humble though. White supremacy is coming to an end and black supremacy is even more messed up in my opinion. I support MIXED people. Because that is the future. I feel like I am on a high, a new beginning that is my life. I am alright. The music is making me growing. The only thing that makes me relaxed is that no one is in my life to hurt me. Done enough to prove that I am the one who I believe in. There is no longer you and I. No more :) And that is my finish line to my depression. I will have to concentrate on my success rather than sticking with my small emotions that come from the past.

June 1, 2019       

I am sorry!

My last post was pretty dark but it was the truth. I am mad now, just a little. I am going dancing tonight and it will help me learn Mauritian dancing and maybe release some stress. I want to be a good person, today I wanted to donate to a charity but I am not ready yet! I will do charity after I am 35 years old or 50 if I am not successful. I believe in the end everyone should create value. As I am researching value creation the more I understand is a HUGE DEAL. I am losing weight in Mauritius and that is a good thing. I am going to maintain my strong culture and see if I find a superior culture in the future but Universalism is really cool when I think about it. Islam and Hinduism are both correct in the end. Because I think religion is a good thing! Think about it, for a second think that saying less is more! Think about that and in the future decide is it better to want one god or two gods or none at all? That question is too big for my small brain. Because we do not know how many realities exists.

May 28, 2019       


So I finally had the courage to go to court today and say that she is no more! I feel like I got rid of a very bad energy in my life. It was so degrading seeing her with another man and me trying to play the catch up game with her. I am complete on my own, okay? I am done with Mauritian girls matter fact done with most third world girls. I tried to give one of them the chance to become a Canadian star. I failed! And that is ok. I am a big person for doing that and all the energy I spent in Mauritius and have nothing to show for it except a divorce! I failed 3-4 years of my life now that I look back. I am growing strong again. Very strong! I am ready to date Canadian girls only now. I am sure I will find my soulmate in Canada. I am a go-getter! I just need to take care of myself a little bit dress up a little better and make more money and go after out-of-my-leauge girls (again). I feel like I am repeating this again. I am confident about the beautiful girl I will find as I am now a complete man who has been through a divorce already, means I am serious about building a family. I wish I never met my first wife but now looking back I guess it was needed as she is also not guilty. It was both of our faults. Mostly hers though as I expected a little more from a poor Mauritian girl. I am strictly going to date girls with a networth of $500,000 or more. No more young girls of over 8 years difference and definitely pretty girls. If you are still reading this note means that you really care about me. Keep reading, it gets better :) My promise to make something happen again that makes profit stays. I love money more than ever as I feel like I am officially out of the league of 99.9% of Mauritians with my passports and net worth. Just so you know I am the richest person in CRYPTO in Mauritius :) No one can beat that. Just a little bit more and I will be a monster. A kind one.

May 23, 2019       

Education first

Today was a very stressful day as the market keeps hitting me in the head. I am ok with it though, if I go down as an Apple investor I have no idea what the rest of the world would do! I am studying everyday as it is important for me to sound "smart". Education is the most important event of anybody's life. I feel like I am making a lot of progress as time goes on as I am studying Islam and Hinduism. And the more I explore I realize I am blessed as a Universalist. I have no ego and that is what kills Islam and Hinduism in my mind, I guess. I feel like I have chosen the best religion possible and with it comes a lot of responsibility. There is no superior being called Allah or Krishna. I am certain of it now as I learned that from Mauritians. Most of primitive people here believe in Allah or Krishna. I believe in Krishna! That's me. But not the GOD Krishna! That is just super dumb. Sorry for breaking it for you but if you keep going forward with the belief that you are superior because you believe in the "right" god, you will just stay a monkey forever. I am one smart monkey though :) At least I have an open mind about everything. I made videos in Mauritius about the ghetto and I am proud of them. Watch them!

May 20, 2019       

Cannot wait

Is it already future or not? That is my main question. In Mauritius I am becoming more ghetto day by day. Honesty wins in this island. I am dating a new girl who is from the best country on earth. I might move there, I don't know! I will learn French very well if it works out. She is a strong lady and I like that about her. I am quick in making decisions but it helps me nowadays as I am going through a hell with my divorce with Aziel (my first wife). I am looking to get married as soon as possible because I feel like I am ready to become a father as all my friends are making babies! I would love to try something new and something crazy and adventurous. This island is the future after Canada and Iran. I like how things are going with the economy. I am losing a lot of money these days as my main position is still closed. I will buy AD.TO asap as my mission is to make Mauritius home again! I feel respected by the women here and I like that but home is where you are respected even if you do not have money. Madagascar is home!

May 16, 2019       

Standing strong

So since I have your eyes on my notes, I wanted to say thank you and hello! This is my world where you belong here if you read this. I am creative in writing and you are strong as I become stronger with your presence. Do not let your ego take over and stay strong. This is what I learned in my Persian culture. In Mauritius I learned that you have to support the weak until they win, unless you find a limit that you cannot help. That is how I feel about Mauritius. I have found a cause bigger than myself and I think by staying here I am helping it! But my future happens in Canada where I will find my family again! This is confusing me because I am not sure what to do with my Mauritian citizenship, here feels like home and I connect with the nature but I think I have a huge ego here. I need to grow small in Canada and come back to Mauritius when I am bigger than ever. I learned the culture of Mauritius better than themselves. I need to learn Iranian culture better as Iran is where you learn morality. The person with morality and self-confidence will win!

May 8, 2019       

Met her again

Mauritius is magical! It is the only place on earth that I feel like home. Though I know the least about it. There is a connection I feel with nature and how everyone is growing with nature. It is hard to explain. I am learning about love and soul-group and possibly a soulmate. I met a wonderful soul who attracted me more than any other girl in my life. I don't want to sound corny but I feel like she is my soulmate. Just in case she is reading it, I want to say I love you. And no I am not messing up with your head. Because I truly believe you are it :) you're it! I have no energy left in Mauritius, it is either you or I am going to say goodbye to Mauritius forever. I am standing strong again to be loyal to the promise of myself that I will find you.

May 2, 2019       

Out of Rat Race

Sitting at Lux Cafe. Thinking about how far I've come in life. From Iran to Canada and then Mauritius was my finish line. I am proud that I invested in Apple even before Warren Buffet invested in it. It is changing the world as it is the only competition to the MONSTER GOOGLE. I believe in dividend and competition. I wish everyone lived like I did. Not saying I am doing something extra-ordinary but I am definitely not doing anything SO wrong. If everyone invested like I did or create jobs as much as I want, then the world would have been a very special place. I am glad about the doings I am doing! I am hoping that my investments go to moon! I am living a life of my dreams everyday and the only way I can maintain it is to be hustling everyday to make our reality even better. It is really hard to make money these days but saving money is pretty easy.

April 28, 2019       

Back at Cafe Lux

So another day at Cafe Lux! I think I will come here every Sunday as Artisan Coffee at Super U is closed on Sundays. The feeling of becoming financially free is amazing. With the dividends that I am collecting from Apple and AD.TO I can live a good life. I just have to grow. Thinking that everybody is making a lot of progress day too day is mind boggling. I am very slow but I think I will have to catch up eventually. In life the only thing that matters is to make some progress hour to hour. And never go back! I am thinking how I can be efficient. Optimizing myself everyday is a very important task.

April 24, 2019       

Exploring myself

Today is an important day as we are heading towards Apple's earnings. Less than a week and I will know (forever) that I am financially free or not. If Apple goes down then I am screwed for another 2-3 years to recover. But I am standing strong and filling up my positions with AAPL all over my accounts. It feels good to explore myself a little. I feel complete in Mauritius. In Canada I have a long way to be ready for my journey but I see myself in Canada as a wealthy BIG person. What to do when you are big enough to qualify for a better position in life? I have met a wonderful girl in Mauritius and I am sure she will help me find my soulmate! My "Angel" is waiting for me for sure but I have to complete some undone business before moving towards my love. It is ever-growing. FOREVER is a strong word.

April 19, 2019       

Strong as metal

More than two weeks in Mauritius and I am spending too much money. I will have to correct that though. I am enjoying blogging and planning my stay and how many friends I am making while here. The friendships made here are forever I think. It might not be as deep as some of my friendships from Iran and Canada, but I guess it is better than nothing. After all, friend is a positive word. I went to Grand Bassin, the most spiritual place that I have ever been to. I made some prayers and I asked Shiva to make me more successful. What I am aiming for is very deep and ambitious and I hope I see it unfold. This reality cannot get any worse. That is so beautiful.

April 13, 2019       

Planning things!

The more I spend time in Mauritius, the more I realize Canada is a very strong country. Not saying Mauritius isn't but Canada is even more metal than Mauritius. The Canadian culture is a role model for any country if they want to progress fast and legit. Canadians are nice, not all, but mostly. I think people look up to each other in Canada and in Mauritius we still have that mentality of cast system. I have not seen it yet but I am sure it is there. Eitherway, lets see if I will face racism again in Mauritius. Can you believe the only place in my life that I have faced racism was Mauritius? In Canada at least they put a nice face and try their best to avoid those things. In Mauritius it is still obvious and to some people even it is as serious as joke.

April 6, 2019       

Mauritius is (the) best!

Sitting at my favourite Cafe in Mauritius and contemplating life. I am excited for the things that are going to happen in near/far future. I am doing some productive work for Iran and if I find the secret to Mauritius I will do something for here too. I love this country as it is my dad's land. I feel RREALLY RICH as Mauritius has 1.3 million people and the amount of wealth they have is just out of a Human's mind. I understand the richness that they have (I have). A proud Mauritian I am I guess. Sorry for my English I am trying to be poetic :)

April 1, 2019       

London times!

Today I arrived to London and oh boy!, it is expensive! I took a cab for 280$CAD and now I am sitting at the Gatwick Airport at a Cafe with my 14$ internet. I am counting every penny as this trip might be my most expensive trip ever. London is definitely not as good as Toronto but feels like it is also home! I have 9 more hours till I get to my final flight to Mauritius which is at 9PM. I am working aggressively to finish my MBA and this is my 4th course that I am almost finishing among 6 books and I think I am MBA ready with - I will record everything that I learn on that website in my MBA journey.

March 31, 2019       

Airport times!

So sitting in the airport, chilling and thinking about whitesupremacy. I do not even know what it is but I know I am in war with it. Not sure if it is still around, I am sure it is still around. But Mauritius needs more of people who are able to fight back. Canada is good, really! I think Canada is number 1 country that white supremacy is over in it. Mauritius has a long time to go. History repeats itself and me as a "big" kid will never give up. It is a big deal and I will fight until the last dark matter. Until I win! Eitherway, 6 months of Mauritius is enough for me to learn a little more about my world. Wish me luck as I am going through a divorce and a lot of other things that cannot be explained in words.

March 29, 2019       

What's next? Divorce

It is simple when someone loves you and lets you go! It is also beautiful. In Mauritius I learned that history repeats itself and I am on TOP! This time I am not going to fool anybody. I am going to make the Youtube of Mauritius with a culture that is beyond imagination. I am relaxed and certain of my successful employees in Iran. We are almost sure that Mauritius is the future of Indians and the war between creoles and whites will end in no time. Mauritius is stronger than I thought, but you know who is stronger? The entity Krishna because I asked him to help me. Ok jokes aside, I am thinking of practising my English and become ESHE of English in Canada. I am still working on and I am 80% done my MBA. Mauritius is in good hands and I am DAT of Mauritius. Naw mean?

March 27, 2019       

Mauritius is next!

It is a very difficult choice as I am divorcing my wife. She was a good woman but I have to let her go as she is too small for me. I am BIG BIG! My dog knows! Anyway, lets not be crazy and boil down why I am planning on divorcing her. WHITE SUPREMACY. Simple as that. Think twice before you are thinking about divorce. I am a Zoroastrian man who is planning to become muslim but I have some dog friends in Mauritius who are hindu and black. So I am thinking about my conversion as I am buying more ETHEREUM to help our planet. I have way too much ether and no one can take it away from me except my friend, SH. I am still studying spirituality very strongly and I realized that I can help Mauritius only. Canada is really the future of earth including Iran and Colombia. Lets not be ghetto here, but Canada is way ahead in technology!

March 23, 2019

Registered a domain as I am finishing my MBA program. I have learned three main lessons in the last course I took and you can see them at :) I am excited for the lessons that I will teach on this website. My hope is that Google finds me and ranks me high based on the knowledge that I will put on the website. is for personal life and is for entrepreneurship. It will work because I am a highly optimized entrepreneur wannabe (not really I am not wannabe). I am enjoying life as I am heading over to Africa in less than a week or so. Lets see how can I handle this divorce issue.

March 22, 2019       

Mauritius Trip Next!

I am relaxing at Tim Hortons. Talked to my father and going to Mauritius to say goodbye to my wife Aziel. She was not big enough for me. I have found my new wife!

March 20, 2019       

Happy new Persian year

So I am thinking of Mauritius. If I can rent my place I will head to AFRICA once more and see what I can do to help. I am excited to see my father and do things right once again. I will vlog under my "Toronto Vlogs" channel and show Mauritius to Torontonians. I am very happy by the work I got done this time around in Canada. I made a website for Mauritius which does not work (but it was a nice try). Also I made with the help of my employee in Iran and made few videos for my channel Rich Papi and the website I am also reading the book "How to influence people" I am learning that nothing really matters in life. It is also Persian eid in less than 3-5 hours. So happy new year to all my Persians and non-Persians. Lets have a great year.

March 16, 2019       

Started recording

I have started my new work and it is a competition to Rich Dad :) Or maybe collaboration as I cannot compete at that scale with a business like that. But I feel good about my new videos that I am recording and the website design will start tomorrow. The more I do the more I realize I need to do more. It is just like an addiction to work. I want to stay competent in the entrepreneurship world. Basically I want to go up the ladders of entrepreneurship. I am doing this for about 6 years now and stocks have got into the way of my life so much that I am mostly an investor of blue chips and crypto but I guess that is entrepreneurship as well. I have heard many times that entrepreneurs work for free! I want to disagree with that I believe that any business should make money eventually, you cannot stay at 0 forever. But I believe if you give your 100% to anything that is enough.

March 15, 2019       

Loving life

I signed up for 8 courses on Udemy and I have finished two of them. One Law Of Attraction and the other is MBA. The other 6 courses are on personal development and how to market something very well. I am so much happier taking these courses on my own rather than going to a formal school. 70,000$ was quite a bit of hit to my net worth which by the way has recovered 70% since its all time high (excluding crypto). I can say that I am in the safe zone. Worst case I have to sell my condo I move to Mauritius and live in a village. That is also quite a journey. But I prefer the "City Life" so much to any other life. Specially when you are an entrepreneur. I am learning quite a bit day by day and I am not producing much. My employee in Iran is working on which is a longterm project of mine and I am sure it will become profitable. We are working hard to achieve greatness in Kerixa Inc. That is it about my life for now, lets see how fast I can make another profitable project.

March 9, 2019       

Growing old

So day by day I am learning a lot from life. I get books from Audible and it helps me to learn even more at nights before sleep. I have a subscription and I am sure the pressure of paying for books will help me finish the books that I pay for. I am really happy about my position in life. I can live off stock market or crypto market individually and that is a blessing. I am working on my new website and my friend "Amin" is working day by day on my company Kerixa. Lets see how much can I push this company forward. I am also learning that I have to be very selective in spending time and I realized that people who you think are possibly friends may not be there for you when you need them. Family first!

February 27, 2019       

Entrepreneurship mode : ON

Summer is on its way. Every minute that passes by makes me more excited and energetic. These days I am dreaming so much about the future. I see so many good things which keeps me motivated to move on with my life as it gets more packed day by day. This blog has turned to a place where I empty myself with all the stress that I have. So if you are reading keep reading. It gets better :) I found a lot of happiness in Canada. I guess if I did not have a condo here I would be in Mauritius wandering around and improving the island but I guess in this lifetime my path is to stay in Toronto and hustle in their easy stock market. It is too easy to get rich in Canada. In Mauritius the competition for me would be in the lower end as their big dogs are already too big.

February 23, 2019       

Relaxing again!

The more time passes the more I realize there is nothing more I need to do in this particular lifetime. I have accomplished more than I should and the rest is just bonus. I do not mean to say I want to be comfortable but it is just so relaxing to know that I will be financially ok whatever the market does. Hopefully it will go up but even if it goes down I am in a good shape. Nobody should be comfortable like I am. It is sort of unfair that I am living my life the way I am living. But again if everybody did what I did life would be a very special place called heaven. I am following very strict principles of life and within this strict rules I found out what puts my soul at its limit of happiness. Anyway, time to celebrate life as it is.

February 19, 2019       

Studying hard

I believe that you should stay a student for all your life. Learning is the window to happiness and wisdom. The moment you stop learning you will be an slave to the system that has failed you in everything that you have ever failed. I am studying Spirituality still and I have closed my studies in Capitalism and I understand that it is not all that bad as people think. I strongly believe that society is smart enough to choose the right path. In general I learned that you should be proud of what you have accomplished and not proud of yourself fully. The moment that ignorance takes over you are fully proud. There is always someone who is trying harder than you. There is always someone who is kinder and ahead of you in most the paths you think you are successful in. So keep trying!

February 11, 2019       

Moving on!

So I am working on Facebook games and I hope I can get big again in Facebook platform. It is not as fun as websites but it is something that is still alive and needs attention. I am waiting for my Apple dividend and I am expecting Apple to go up by end of the week. I am getting sick of looking at stocks. I want to be able to live with freedom. I think I will be at that level in 20 years when I do not have to worry which direction the market goes. For now, I am loading up on Apple and Google stocks. I am making some progress for my company Kerixa. And I have hired one of my previous employees who is very intelligent. Lets hope that will go well.

February 5, 2019

So BigDeal is finally at its Research and Development stage. We are working on some very deep stuff for Mauritius. Valentines is coming but I am working still. I would like to study Capitalism further and understand what it means to be poor and rich at the same time. I am hoping that I fall into the category of the rich who helps the poor. What I hate the most is an honest person who has no money left. I would like to help to eliminate that struggle. My English is becoming better day by day and I am working on my Toronto accent. I am also trying to find out if there is one god or two god.

January 29, 2019       


Thanks God! Apple went up as I expected it deep down. I was ready for a downturn too but I am definitely in a position that anything Apple does affects my life. I really think it is the bottom of Apple. If not I guess I am wrong! I have not been so wrong so far though. I am making some progress in Mauritius projects and I think I will have a final product by end of January that has users. In Mauritius I grew too big and I feel like I am responsible to do something for the people and have fun while I make it happen. I am enjoying life otherwise, I wake up when I want and I sleep when I want. It is quite a bit of sleep; Sometimes it goes as much as 18 hours. But I will fix that as stock market goes up. It is pretty stressful to have your life attached to what market does. Anyway, I am in Ryerson's Library and enjoying my day up in the market. BigDeal is ready and you can see it at and lets see how much change I will apply by the time I am ready to leave this world like my dog, Boss!

January 28, 2019       

Final stress

Tomorrow is Apple's earning. I am not sure why I am stressed out and feel like it will go down even though it should be going up. I finished my online MBA course and now I have only a PHP course left to study and I will be on my way to do great things for the world. It was a fun journey and I am learning that I have to find my passion instead of just getting a J-O-B. I am really not down to work for someone else when I believe I can contribute more on my own to the world. is close to its launch and I am excited to see where that project really goes. I am going to write down my goals: 1- become fit and work out 2- Help others to succeed. That is basically what I want to accomplish in life. But this goal changes year to year and it may be my short term vision but the longterm vision is always what matters and I do not have a vision yet. I learned that happiness is about enjoying what you have not only getting money.

January 14, 2019       


Too much work is ahead and I am lofting a little bit. I am learning so much these days in sector of spirituality I have a great teacher for that purpose but I still appreciate my English teacher from HighSchool who was the start of all this. I am realizing that we have another side to this physical body that we have and it is way bigger than us. It is something that a lot of people have fear to talk about or even think about. But I am thinking that mine is big enough. If it is not too big, it is big enough it is just a gut feeling. I hope whatever I am doing in this physical body does not slow down my growth in my other side. It is very interesting to think that you may be just a small act in this physical reality and you are a much bigger creature. Anyway, I have to get the habit of going to the gym because I am feeling that I am getting fat. I also have an invitation to go to IRAN! I really want to go but until I do not see profits in stock market I have to wait.

January 12, 2019       

BigDeal in progress

I am back in Toronto and at the usual Tim Hortons having fun with BigDeal project for Mauritius. I really have hope for this project to take off. It is the best classified website for Mauritius and from there I will expand into other projects if I can manage to bring even a little bit of success in BigDeal. Airplane rides were long and I slept until 7pm the next day I arrived. Now I am watching the rest of my MBA course and learning a lot. Someone told me that MBAs feel that they are gods. And that is funny because I do not think I learned much from MBA course. But what matters is execution at the end of the day. The result is the most important thing after all. How many people are you helping every day? For now my code websites such as and other code websites are helping thousands of people every month and the money that I make from my projects are very clean money. That said, clean money means money that REALLY helps a certain group of people. For example, money made from stock market for me is considered dirty money because I feel my money made through helping people in my code websites is really the way to go.

January 10, 2019       

Airport times

So I am bored in the airport waiting to go to Cancun and decided to update my blog. I realize that I am becoming more efficient at doing things day by day. I do things quickly and expect results quickly as well. But that is not a good thing all the time. For example, the trick to the market is that person who held on more to their stocks than the other. This game has been there forever and the strong stays in and profits while the weak sells out and waits. As Warren Buffet says, you make money while you wait! I hope that is the case for me. Even if I assumed wrong and the market actually crashes more from here I am still in profits. Specially my Apple stock. I love that company! I am waiting for them to increase dividends and these days are pretty bloody but I realized it is just a pattern to clear the noise out there.

January 9, 2019       

Last day in Colombia

Last hours I am spending in Colombia sitting at the usual Starbucks (One Plaza - you should come back here again later) contemplating life and understanding the value of the life that I have here and now. I understood that nothing is like home. Toronto has a special place in my heart. When I go back to Toronto I want to be more academic as ever. I am studying spirituality and Capitalism. Two different topics that come usually at oppose of each other. I feel educated as time goes on as I understand these two topics. BigDeal is going to get started in a few days when I go back to Toronto. Mauritius will experience me at its finest. I will not give up even though I am sure I will not make any money in Mauritius but I will try as hard as I can. Stock market seems to be settled and bear market seems to be ended - but who knows we will find out on Jan 29th upon Apple's earnings. I am happy to be an Apple investor, but now I have to say that my crypto position is going to take over my blue chip stocks. Anyway, Colombia thanks for everything you have taught me and for all the goodness within you!

January 2, 2019       

First of 2019

Apple dropped about 7% after hours today and I am sitting in Starbucks worrying about how I am going to maintain my lifestyle if Apple keeps dropping like this. I think it is at its bottom but I am not happy with the way things are. I did not expect Apple to drop this much but well what can I do. When you are born poor you have to sell to the rich and exist and repeat. If I can stand strong and not sell then we have a game otherwise I will have to always be slave the to the rich who has cash in hand to buy at low. But I guess one day I will make it there and look back and say koodos to you. Because this rule that the poor gets poorer has to continue. I am not complaining because I understand that if the rich doesn't get richer then the poor will also never make it because most people are so lazy that only the rich has to do something for them. Anyway, I am in Medellin another 7 days and I am back to my cozy apartment that I may have to sell to live in the future. It is a sad story when you get squeezed and no one is going to cover your positions. I blame it on my parents for being poor. But I guess the fun part of the game is when you are in my situation and you see how well you handle it.

December 31, 2018       

Last of 2018

I am excited now, and the reason is that 2018 is finally over and 2019 is the amazing year that I was waiting for. Actually 2020 is probably even a better year. I am glad to see all the development that we have had in the world and I am glad that I am a part of it. Colombia has taught me so much and it has made me a better person. I am learning their culture and their deep culture is very deep. Colombians have a lot of big people and I am learning how to become bigger by improving the unique culture that I have. After all being a mixed person is an advantage that I am blessed with. Iran has taught me so much and I do not think any country could have taught me the stuff Iran taught me. Iranians are probably even bigger than Colombians. At least the people I know in Iran are monsters. But for that I have to learn even more from Colombians.

December 26, 2018       

Down times!

Today was the best day of Dow Jones, ever! I am still bullish and I do not want to panic and sell. Even if we have a recession the rich gets richer. That is just the name of the game. I am not sure if I fall into the "rich" category yet. Sure, my crypto will make me rich no matter what, but for now I am not sure what to do. This is basically the first downturn of my life and since 7 years ago since I got into the market the only way we went was up. So it is interesting how I am going to react in 2019. I think it is a short term dip or recession but by April we should have a good idea of how we are going to do. Apart from that, I am in Medellin only 14 more days and I will be back in exactly two weeks. I am going to enjoy my stay.

December 21, 2018       

Standing strong

Very interesting days. There is no where to run to. I am actually excited about the stock market downturn that we have. It shows how ready I am for what is about to come. I am sticking strong to my crypto assets and ready to push the sell button on my AAPL the coming Monday or asap! I am still in big profit but I am disappointed by the masses to even let this downturn happen. People seem to like to go broke! I am here in Medellin 18 full more days and I am bored of this city a little. I am not doing much and I am not even looking forward to Toronto. But that city (Toronto) is the best city on earth. The feeling of home is engraved in it. SO I WANT TO GO HOME! I added to my Ethereum position and now I am a proud owner of 1050 ETH. I think I will discount myself to add more to my position but who knows I may keep going further with it. It is a rough ride when you live off the market. But I am enjoying my website's profits too.

December 18, 2018       

The dreams

Sometimes I think I am Persian and sometimes I feel like I am Native Indian. But where does Africa fit in my path? Why do I want to help them so much. Is it a competition or is it a requirement to try to help. I am not doing much though because I have too many plans and so little money. But that is the joy of helping somewhere from afar. I am thinking of ideas for BigDeal but I think the best place to start it is in Mauritius itself. So I have to grow bigger before I go to execute something for my fatherland. But IRAN is really the future of the planet earth, or Canada! It is either one of these. I feel at home in Canada. But I am not as happy as I should be. The feeling that I had while I was having my mini Nirvana experience was that I saw how big I could be if I wanted to be. That is why I am educating myself daily these days to become a more knowledgable person that I've ever been. My English is becoming better day by day thanks to my ESL teacher Miss Pindral! She is the reason why I try so hard to become better at English everyday and in Iranian culture we know that teachers are the closest people to GOD!

December 16, 2018       

Bare hands

I am going to the market crash of 2019 with -900,000 cash (negative cash). That is a big number if you think about it. You can live on that money all your life in most countries. If I get a margin call I will cry. I am too big to sell. Too small to fail. It is ok if I lose all of my money as I will try to get it back. The market was very fun to play with and I am like a broken soldier now. On the bright side, I have gathered 1047 Ethereum and over 30,000 Lisk. It is a dark situation as I did not expect the dark money to take over me. But if the market goes any more further than this I will have to sell my Apple stock and that is my ending to my game. I hope it doesn't happen. I am still holding up tight and appreciating what money is and what it can do. Anyway, lets see what Trump does and I hope we do not get messed up like 2008.

December 11, 2018       

One more month

So the more time passes by the more I feel like I have to get back into the habit of coding. If I ever want to build something for Mauritius I have to become a professional coder or manage a very special coder who does not want to get paid so much. I am planning my stock market strategy as I had to sell lots of my stock to cover for the down turn it recently had. I am ok though because I know longterm I will come out ahead with these down turns as I get to buy even more stocks at a cheaper price. I am not as productive as I want to be but I want to become that productive Krishna that I was second year of my university at Waterloo. Good times! I was on fire back then.

December 7, 2018       

Final Pressures

Crypto market is 90% down and stock market is 40% down and I am not selling. I am holding up tight on my money in the markets as I do not like selling. Whoever is staying out of stock market is a loser according to history. I am so proud of getting the dividends that I get, specially the one from Apple. It is such a clean money. I am used to looking at the numbers and seeing it drop day by day. Except I wake up with a "f" word every morning :) Who cares when you get dividend still. Anyway, that was my rant about the stock market. Other than that, I am having fun in Medellin. We went horse riding for the second time and I am in love with this activity. I wish everyone knew the value of a horse. They are such cute creatures. You can see my video on YouTube.

December 2, 2018       

And here it is.

Big day is coming tomorrow. First Monday of December the holy month :) I say it is a holy month not only because of Christmas also because the stock market usually goes up this month. I do not care if the cycle repeats but it is just nice to know that before this month is a green month. I am sitting at Starbucks thinking about the future and what I am going to do. First I need to gather some capital for my projects and then tackle them one by one like a true entrepreneur. It is just the matter of time until success comes around again. I am not sure why this time I have to wait longer than before. It was easier before to hit a jackpot situation. I am planning my websites for My Top Fans and also other projects of Mauritius. Mauritius is a big deal in my opinion. I am pretty big in Mauritius with the amount of time I have invested there and the scale of the projects I am starting. Good things are coming!

November 29, 2018       

December is coming!

Tomorrow is my first week in Medellin. I have 5 more weeks or so to go. Market seems to have found its bottom and usually December is a good month. I hope that it is the bottom I am really tired of watching the market. I am waiting for the day that I can do work without worrying about the market. I am still in a position that whatever the market does directly affects my businesses. But I can already see the day that even if the market goes down I am profiting from the opposite side. I cannot believe how people struggle when it is so easy to position yourself in a way that you are careless about the market. People already seem like that except that they are not in the market at all. Medellin has been fun so far. I have met Linda and we went to our favourite restaurant. I am counting days now for things to settle but I guess this is a game that has no end if you want to involve yourself in it.

November 24, 2018       

Just landed

So I am sitting at Amora Coffeeshop again. Had a chocolate cake and a coffee for lunch. When I travel I seem to eat less. But as of tomorrow I will start eating Colombian food like there is no tomorrow. I am very optimistic about my Lisk investment and I feel like it will make me really rich in a way that I can do what I like even more. It is just the matter of time. Crypto and the market are both bloody. I cannot take it anymore, I sold some stocks and it seems not to be enough. It could go even further down. The reason that I came to coffeeshop is that my landlord is not answering his Whatsapp and I am not complaining I am just patiently waiting for him to reply so I can finally relax after more than 24 hours of stress of arriving. And here I am finally arrived for 1.5 month of non-stop fun and adventure.

November 23, 2018       

Colombia Bound

Sitting at the airport and I am planning my Colombia trip :) The feeling is great because I just feel like I am becoming myself again. In Toronto, there is too much corporate life. When I go to Medellin my spirit transforms back to the entrepreneur that I am. Sitting at the airport having a cup of coffee makes me feel so rich. The feeling stays with me until I travel again. My brother in law, drove me to the airport and everything is smooth up to now. I guess travelling is becoming easier day by day. I am thinking of the day we can travel without a passport. That day would be a huge day that won't ever happen. Because I am free of having that problem. I am working on my videos and I will make more as I go to Colombia.

November 18, 2018       

Doing what I like

I am pushing up the stock market as much as I can. I am going to buy more TD Bank as I think it is the best bank of Canada. But RBC and CIBC are doing great things together. Sending money internationally is a big problem that I am working on. But for me one thing matters, how to send money to Mauritius in the future. Very few people have that ability. And I am one of them. I am researching to understand what is the meaning of CLEAN money and dirty money. I have a lot of dirty money, but I would like to make them clean again. When I talk about dirty money I mean the money that I personally do not deserve to have. I have paid my taxes more than needed in Canada and I am afraid that government stops me from continuing to hack Who knows how much dirty money is in Mauritius. I guess we will find out. For now, I am enjoying my new upgrade to my iPhone Xs. I am taking it with me to Colombia and I will Vlog a lot there!

November 9, 2018       

Stressful days

It has been about two weeks that the stock market has been in the red for me. It is quite fun actually to see that it is possible to lose money overnight. That aside, I have no worries and I will hold on to my positions until they go back to green. My Apple stock is hugely in green but my Canadian side is in red deep. I am going to Medellin, Colombia in about a month and I will stay for a month there. I am hoping that by then the stock market is green again. I am not even sure why it went down, Trump has been doing good. But lets see. My project BigDeal is also being plotted and I am excited to execute it for Mauritius. That is my life plan to do something that stays for Mauritius forever.

November 2, 2018       

Stock Market and more

Fun days are coming. I am excited about what future is holding. I am enjoying life more and more as time goes on. Things money can do to your life! Stock market is unhealthy and is showing signs of weakness but I see no down side. I think it is only upside from here. If it goes down further, I will probably make even more money as the lower class people will diminish and fade away and their wealth is going to be transferred to an asshole like me, but I really try to give back but what can I do when you have no option. I don't even know what to do more to help. Lets just wait and hope magic happens!

November 1, 2018       

Started coding

So today Apple announced their earnings and it went down. I still have hope that this company will hold up. I am on the other hand starting to code in PHP again. Today I am planning to finish a website that I have in mind ( and my trick is to hack a website of my choice in Mauritius. BigDeal is a big deal. I miss Mauritius, but I think I have to wait more before I go back. I miss the beaches, the weather and the non-stoppable smiles that you see for not much of a good reason. I am planning to make my websites as simple as possible.

October 26, 2018       

The coming crash

I do not want to sound like skeptics but a mini crash has happened and I lost quite a bit of money but that does not mean I lost it, lets say I did not gain it. But it is a good thing when the stocks go down as when I buy more with my dividends, I can shop more that comes to 300$ more per month which is pretty decent. Marijuana has been legalized in Canada and no I am not giving it a try. I want to be a dad one day that says no to Marijuana. I personally want to stick to the healthy lifestyle and I have started going to the gym regularly. But the only concern is the weather. For December, I am planning to go to Medellin for a month and enjoy the slow life there!

October 16, 2018       

Getting there!

I am continuing to create my games and I am planning to expand my gaming platform. We are ready to expand our business but first there is some undone business that has to be done. I am not sure how the business is going to be making money but I feel responsible as I have to pay some people run the business but I do not want to use another person's money and I want to use my own pocket money to start the business so I can pay my first investor a good amount that makes him happy again. I am scared that I will not be able to satisfy my investor but I will try my best.

October 15, 2018       


So recently I have become a little generous, but that will stop slowly as I am not sure if that is exactly the path to dignity. I want to work on a new project apart from BigDeal which is the exact opposite to hedge against my future problems. I am pretty sure that it will become profitable. I am guessing though, it may lose money too. Anyway, I would like to help Mauritius the most but first Canada or Iran come to mind. My strategy is to move on slowly. I am in a jackpot situation that has to be resolved. I think my Apple stocks is giving me a lot of confidence. And the future of this company is on the moon :)

October 13, 2018       

Steady and stable

It is getting cold in Canada. I am researching the effects of Marijuana on health. Overall, it made me a better person but that experience was very wrong. I am confident now that I will not use this substance anymore. I may have to quit my job if I go back to Marijuana. I am totally scared of it becoming legal in Canada. But it is interesting to see what happens short term. Soon we will see a lot of news from Canada on how it changed.

October 3, 2018       

Almost done

I am finishing the course that I downloaded and I am planning my plans for BigDeal project for Mauritius. I really feel responsible after spending so much money there to do something of value for the country even if I have to fail. But I feel like I have enough time to do something of value. There is no failure when it comes to genuinely doing something for a group of people. I may go to Mauritius for retirement or IRAN! One of the two, and I will die where I help the most. Because I do want to have a good reincarnation :) That was a joke. But if I ever have to live again I would repeat this life. It was a beautiful ride that I enjoyed. What future holds is even more beautiful.

September 23, 2018       


So my Personal MBA is in progress. I have learned so many things that I knew before, but it is ok. I still come to the Tim Hortons close to my place everyday and try to "hack" my way to life. I feel good about my portfolio and I am sure I have something meaningful in the background that is working like a real business. I sleep too much these days, I go to my dream land and I wake up at 3pm or even later than that sometimes. It maybe because I am struggling to find a partner for my life. But that is no worries as I am sure she is hacking her life too somewhere at the same time. It gives me so much peace knowing that my potential partner is also trying to get a better life as I write this. Anyway, back to work.

September 12, 2018       


So I am sitting here at Tim Hortons with my friend and I just downloaded this coding tool that can help me code better in the future. Future looks so bright when I am loaded with crypto. My friend, Shahrokh, explained how things will move forward and I am in a position where I can do so much for Mauritius with the money that I am hoarding. I have never been this excited to see what I will do with all this abundance.

September 9, 2018       

Friends stay

So one of my good friends is coming to stay with for me about a month. I am excited to share my place with him because he definitely has a totally different view on life. I sleep too much these days. I am getting worried about my health as I do not have much motivation to do anything. But I am getting some work done but very slowly. I also have lost my wallet and that adds so much worries. Anyway that was the bad side. The good side of things, is that I am making progress on my business. Studying some stuff on a daily basis. Reminding myself how blessed I am with life.

September 5, 2018       

Quick Quick

I really hope that I get into my MBA program one day. It is very difficult to believe that the path I have chosen is coming to reality. I am slowly gathering information to see if I am actually qualified for an MBA program or not. But for some reason I think I will not be able to finish it as soon as I can. So I really hope that I can manage to pay the MBA program well. It is my passion to do such a big deal. I feel like I can use it towards my advantage long term. With this emotional belief I feel like I can help the right person. The person with highest knowledge does not necessarily win in the end. I feel like it is a set of steps that the person needs to do in order to achieve what s/he wants.

September 4, 2018       


I am so sure that I will do my MBA. It has to be on my own or through a school in the USA. I am really tired of looking at my investment everyday and being worried that I lose them all in a spirit second. I have applied two universities and I think I will get into Ryerson or Liverpool. I have lost my ID as well and for some reason I am not worried about it. I guess I will slowly collect my IDs again. I am spending quite a bit of money on food nowadays which is wrong. I should cut down on my carbs and go on a better diet that is relaxed. I do not know how I am going to pay for MBA but I believe that somehow I will manage to pay for it. I am studying Capitalism and Spirituality. I guess these two go hand in hand somehow.

August 28, 2018       


I am back in Canada. USA was alright I guess. I was weak again but it is because my sleeping pattern is adjusting again. I am very motivated to continue MBA on my own. The journey is never ending. How can I understand MBA when I cannot find any more time to focus on my actual job. I learned so much from my cousin. The value I got out of him was beyond imagination. He is the brightest guy I know with a clear mind-set about growth. He taught me how to pick up girls while I am student. I guess girls like students but I am also in my limit. It is a full-time job to look after some romance in life. I have found my girl. And I am sticking to my one hope. And if I failed I will keep failing till the end. I guess some guys are meant to be alone. So still negotiating with myself to do MBA or not. I do not want to do cocaine and that is the reason why I am afraid of MBA. That drug has done a lot of damage to the person who is reading this. Get back to work!

August 27, 2018       

MBA In Progress

I am in a coffeeshop in THE UNITED STATES. Feels foreign. But I feel at home wherever I am educating myself. I am learning more and more about people's intentions and money. The more I try to understand this topic the more I get lost in my world. It is eating me from the inside how some of us value money and some don't. Is it wrong or right that we are like this? And how will it end? I am definitely not paying for MBA as I feel like I already am ahead and that will only cost me money and will change the path of life I have chosen for myself. I am all for formal education but I think MBA is something that can be done on your own specially with the skills that I have put together in the past 3 years. All I understand so far from MBA is that I am in a very unique spot in life and how I spend my money for the good will and probably change some people's life. But family comes first and that is something that is very complex to me. What is family? Family first, or second?

August 24, 2018       

America Trip 2018

So I am in Billy Airport of Toronto. Pretty cool how we have an airport in downtown Toronto. It is my first time in this airport and I did a mistake again, I closed a put option on ABX at strike price of 13$, I am totally gambling my life. But this IS SERIOUSLY the last time I would do such a gamble on a gold stock. I am sure gold is very cheap right now and this is not the reason why I closed this position. I just felt like I needed the money for my other projects so I did it. The position did not get closed after 41% but I pushed it by lowering my bid price. Anyway, I am going to see my cousin now with this gambling money that I am sure will not cause me any loss. I am 100% sure of it but we will find out next week. So easy money!

August 20, 2018       

Chilling Days

My friend visited me from Montreal. I learned that ALMOST EVERYTHING is relative. Happiness, wealth, and life are all relative. What I understand is that you cannot be happy if you are not already happy with what you have as of reading this line. If you look at your life and you feel like you have not achieved what you wanted in life it is likely that you will not be satisfied with what you have in life. But things can change I guess. I am relatively happy with what I have and I guess it will only get better from this point and this is my drive. I found happiness in Mauritius, Africa. I feel like nature is a celebration and we humans are partying as the leader creatures. So I am partying hard by sleeping late into the noon and enjoying what life has to offer.

August 16, 2018       

All time bottom

So all my cryptocurrencies are down now! This is very sad because I lost money in the millions. But I guess I am ok with it, as I am going to hold it until it goes back up. I really have hopes that crypto will change my life as it has so far. But I have not sold even one satoshi to get fiat. I am a longtime holder. I am studying MBA and I am learning along the way how to look at life. My mind is very foggy these days. It is hard to focus on life as I am working on so many things at the same time. But here is my new video, check out.

August 8, 2018       

I am not telling

Starting today I have promised to do my MBA on my own like a student entrepreneur and save that money spent on a degree to run my business. I have everything setup in my unit and all I need to do is study and work out. On top of that I am aggressively looking for a girlfriend or a potential partner but that is something that I want to be careful of, I do not want to waste any more time in my life on things that do not push me forward. So far studying MBA was fun and I have learned that money really means different things to different people. For me, money is a mean to go faster in my life and live a comfortable life. For someone else might be more education and to some people it is a revenge thing.

July 20, 2018       

Starting to change

So these days I think a lot and I do a lot of research. On both life and trying to learn the principles of MBA. I am focusing on Capitalism and trying to understand this topic as good as I can. The more I get into this niche, the more I get involved and makes me wonder how other people feel about this. Capitalism is becoming the world and all I think about is that what world would be like if the system was different. The person I have become solely depends on the way we were raised and this era of Capitalism it is hard to not be shaped that way. I really am negotiating with myself should I go to MBA or just stay an entrepreneur, because both of the worlds have their own benefits. It will define the person I am and how I treat others. Eitherway, I wish I knew the right path for me. I have been introduced to so many different souls in the path of entrepreneurship that it is hard to continue to stick around the "corporate" world. I think I got really lucky meeting these people and the path that I have chosen is like winning a "jackpot".

July 14, 2018       

Settling down

So it has been less than a month in Toronto and I am liking life more day by day. I feel like there is so much that can be done life-wise in Canada. I am laid back and just chilling most of the day in my condo. Though I do go to a coffeeshop on a daily basis and get some research done. I am thinking of doing my MBA too but I might give myself a discount on that and live life like an entrepreneur. My furniture just arrived yesterday and my unit is fully furnished except my sofa which comes next week hopefully. I started to value my time more and more. I am going to start gym soon too but I really do not feel like it at this point. Maybe once my sofa comes :) Such a good excuse.

July 4, 2018       

First days in Toronto

I have finally moved into my condo in Toronto and life seems to be good. I got my internet setup today and the speed isn't so bad :) I am still contemplating life to see what I should do. Should I stay in Toronto forever from now and try to live here or should I keep moving from country to country. But I feel most at home here, I think my dream was always to live the life I am living right now. Except I have to wait for my furniture to come. I have been partying a little too much for the short time I have been in Toronto. This lifestyle has no future. I have no doubt if I continue this path I will end up a junky. But I still have not started any of my businesses. I would like to get started as life is short.

June 27, 2018       

Back in Toronto

So I am back in Toronto and it is my first day. I am at a Starbucks hacking my way into life. So many projects going up at the same time and I am hoping one of them will take off! Last night I came to Toronto around 1am and got a taxi to home and talked to this guy. I learned that when you speak you should not try to bring anyone down. Always try your best to stay away from bringing anyone down. When you are older that does not look good! A summary of things I learned in Medellin:

- Do not sweat the small stuff, they don’t matter much
- You may still seem small to some big dogs no matter how big you are
- Some people notice things, but say nothing
- In the end, everything might be worth it
- Being the weak one isn’t always so bad
- If you can do it better, it is ok to be a little late
- You are competing with someone unknown over the same thing, try hard!
- An entrepreneur sees the reward before risk
- Sometimes you should sacrifice for short term so you get forever gains
- If you start feeling rich for no good reason, sooner than you think you will go broke
- The best skill you can practise, is the power of saying "no" to people
- The biggest pain is staying at the same place as last year
- Most pleasure happens when you are pushing it to the limits
- Your time is very limited, do not sacrifice it for something of no value
- Entrepreneurs get to work 2 days extra compared to the average people
- The moment you doubt you are poor think about Africa, when you feel you are rich think about America
- You will come to a place where being smart isn’t enough
- Say it, it is not over until I win!
- Work hard until your idol is your student
- You cannot be average, and want all your dreams to come true
- You have worked hard for it, don’t be easy
- You are rich only when you are happy about what you have
- Just ask, most things can be solved easier than you think
- Think about, what are you DOING that’s making a difference
- After death, we probably go where we belong
- Sometimes you make it, sometimes you don’t - Do not get disappointed
- Eagles don't fly with pigeons
- You’ve got to be a little quicker than your #1 competition to be able to outperform them
- There is no better situation than HERE AND NOW
- The secret to saving money isn’t making more money, it is discipline
- A war is not finished with a won battle
- Count your blessings, not your problems
- Be like you, you are masterpiece
- I said, suffer now and live like a champion soon
- If you are good at it, keep doing it
- Observe your every action, thought and emotion. This will get you far
- One step ahead will compound to million steps ahead
- Put yourself in situations that gets you closer to your dream
- It is all about how you treat the weak
- Money doesn’t get you rich, your IQ does
- If someone respects you, respect them back
- The best time to change for the better is now
- Educate yourself daily, you can teach yourself many things
- In the end, your success speaks for itself
- Work hard, but remember hard work isn’t everything
- Happiness could come to you late but it will come
- Let your smile tell your story!
- You may be small, but you may be an inspiration
- Die with memories, not dreams
- The successful guy, never gave up
- The best revenge is not taking any revenge
- Sometimes trying to prove something, is an insult to yourself
- A goal without a plan is just a wish
- Your time is more valuable than you think
- Do not become property of a corporation
- Quality is way more important than quality, that is true with almost anything!
- If you cannot enjoy cheap things, you will not enjoy expensive things
- Go after dreams, not people
- Arrogance diminishes wisdom.
- Doing well in life often means doing good things for others.
- Never show you are rich
- It is not about winning all the time
- It is not about how much money you have made, it is about the changes you have left behind
- No matter how low you go, do not forget your self worth
- Destination: success
- Keep getting ignored, it is usually by the same kind of people
- Stuff you own, will eventually keep owning you
- You can always find something to be happy about
- Your Words of encouragement could be the spark that pushes a person..
- Be the light that helps others see.
- Rich is relative

June 23, 2018       

Coming back to Toronto

Sitting at Starbucks for one last time. I wish there was a Starbucks close to my place in Toronto as well. I am very hopeful of the future. I think I can do something great. I feel like something big is happening to earth and it is time to get big. I am still working on a secret project which is fighting with money laundry. The project has not started yet but when it starts some one is going to become bigger than me and fight me. I am not afraid because I am getting big somewhere else and my strategy is called "come from behind".

June 15, 2018       

Freedom is close

So I have one more working week in Medellin, and I will be on my way to Toronto. Freedom is really close. As in, I am going to start coding again and hustling. I am out of rat race by a big margin. However the market goes up or down I will profit and will stay above middle class. It is OFFICIAL. I have done the math and I am saying goodbye to being a working class hero. Going from 0 to multimillions was quite a mission and it is easier from here. It is about how ambitious I want to be with my goals. But I have promised myself that I will do what I love and fight against what I hate. There is so much to be done!

June 11, 2018       

You are not alone

Whatever you want to achieve in life, just remember, you are not alone. There is someone else on the planet trying with you. It might be your hidden competition. So whatever your idea is, no matter how crazy it sounds, someone else is thinking about the same thing. This is why I try so hard to work as hard as I can because I know there are so many people with the same ideas as me but the harder I work my competition becomes more hand selected and more competitive and that makes me feel good. I want to do average things at big scales. At the end of the day we are meant to grow together. But you have to try your best to grow as much as you can. My biggest concern in life is to settle for less than what I can become if I try.

June 7, 2018       

Define who you are

So in Medellin after studying about life a little bit, I realized each one of us are here to help each other define who we are. Every person has a theme attached to them. Some cannot change their theme no matter how much you try, and some change their theme every day. My theme in life is to be a teacher, and to teach as many souls as I can. It all started with my Code Websites that are still running and actually very profitable. I feel good about the profit that I make from my sites 10X more than the profit I make from my investments. At least for now. In the long run my investments will be more meaningful but anyone could invest. But not many people are willing to genuinely teach. I want to teach things about finance on the website where people learn about money and way of life. Not that I know how to live but I am considering myself above average in life so I guess that makes me qualified to (try) teaching. At the end of the day, it is not about how much money you have made, it is about how much you have changed the world as you grow bigger in your theme of life.

June 3, 2018       

Hustle Hard Now

So as you know time worths a lot more in youth than when you are older. So is money. One dollar earned at age 20 worths around 10$ at age 60. I am trying to save every dime in my life so I can retire very happily. I am living like a retired person already but I am living it way below my means. I prefer to sacrifice now and live like a boss in 20 years. However, comfort is very important too. I cannot wait to work on my new projects and live the dream work life that I want. I see a lot of potential for growth from here. All my classmates are a "somebody" now and they are working like hell. I am the one who chose a different path of life. And this is totally not me. I would be a total corporate dude if I did not sell my first company but since then I have changed because I tasted life of an entrepreneur.

June 1, 2018       

Dream Days

Another day at my coffeeshop. I just closed a covered call option on AAPL at strike price of 265$ expiring in December. There is no way Apple can go up another 40% in less than 7 months. So here I collected some "free" money. 25 more days of Medellin is coming to an end and I am having mixed feelings about this place. Such a laid back place that I got a ton of work done and relaxed so much. Life was perfect here and I know in Toronto it will be even better. As soon as I landed in Medellin everything started to go green! To be honest, I do not want the markets to go more up anymore. I am aggressively buying my dividends which means every month I am buying thousands of dollars of new stocks in the market. I am basically rich, I can see that easily. I am investing very conservatively and things look bright. As of now, basically the middle class is taking risks for me and is working for me. And I am working for the elite class boosting their stock price up. This game is very interesting but my position is very clear and comfortable without stress. With the knowledge I have about the market all I need to do is open my portfolio once a week press a couple buttons and that is it!

May 27, 2018       


So today is a Sunday and it is election day in Colombia. As usual, I am in Starbucks trying to hack! I am a little stressed out as next month I will move in to my condo in Toronto close to High Park. I have to plan so I can afford a lifestyle that is reasonable and not exceed over what I can afford. I have been living below my means for a long time as I mentioned many times. This is one of the reasons I could make it to this level in the first place. I much prefer to save that money on lifestyle and spend it to build something of meaning so others can enjoy it. I do not like to directly give money away as it breaks one of my rules of life. But I do like it when I create something that stays for years to come and many people can enjoy. It is all about scalability. I like to be a Krishna Eydat that can scale to the moon and back! Anyway, back to work.

May 24, 2018       

Confidence overloaded

So one more month and two more days of Medellin. Somewhere where I have my heart attached and have built a lot of emotions for. But it is ok. I guess that is life and better things are coming. Toronto should be awesome! Cannot wait to wake up at 2pm in my own condo and look at the view and then take care of business till 1am! That is the lifestyle I see for myself. I will still log everything as that is a project I want to accomplish as well. It is very very difficult to launch a new business these days and I blame Facebook for it. It is a monster and thanks God I have some investments in FB! One of my big concerns these days is security. What if I get hacked and lose all my crypto or sites. But that is really far from reality. So lets relax. In Medellin I am learning to be more laid back and chill. This city has a good vibe! I have been to three cities close to Medellin and my Brazil trip is cancelled because I found a girlfriend in Colombia and I would not want to travel and date at the same time. She is such a great soul. We are hanging out almost everyday and apart from exploring I am working on content for Rich Papi which is going to be one of my main projects of life hopefully if things go well.

May 19, 2018       

Last month of Medellin

Today I am making the last payment for my stay in Medellin. That means in about a month I will be back to Toronto where I will start hustling the life out of myself. I am so ready for this! Too much energy and a confidence that cannot go away. If I have accomplished 3-4 beautiful successes that does mean that I can replicate another huge success! One more is not enough I know that my soul is stuck in a loop of hunger for money and success. In a good way though, I am happy the person I am building out of myself. I may not be able to grow so much bigger but I have seen something that I am sure even the top 1% have not experienced in the way I have! I am at the regular coffeeshop in Medellin, working on articles for Rich Papi which is one of the projects I want to finish mid 2019. A website where I compete with a lot of these money making businesses that rip people off. I want to contribute it for FREE and up sell whatever I want on the side.

May 15, 2018       

Productive days

So these days are exceptional for me. I am working on websites for Mauritius, Toronto and Iran. I see a different future for all these three destinations. I feel like I can contribute to one if not all! My passion is tourism and I think if I keep going at it, I can create a huge company related to all these. I might work on or some other domain. I just need to get a strong team together but that will cost and soon I can afford that. The future I see with Apple and Google is something beyond imagination. I feel like one of them will take over the planet and from there it is very easy to move forward. I will remain a blogger and vlogger. I think it is a niche that is very profitable and very in demand. I see many many more of people to go towards this career. But for now the potential is not seen as we are living in a very different world compared to the one I am imagining. could be huge too! Who knows! Too much honesty is going on here :)

May 11, 2018       

One month in Colombia

Today is my 31th day I am in Colombia or around 30 days :) Also is a big day, as Apple pays dividend. So many good things are happening at the same time. I am waiting for the day that everything goes wrong so I can feel a little bad. Stock market is doing really well and health wise I am related to stock market. As long as we do not dip 40% I am going to do more than amazing but for that to happen a lot of people have to go down as well. So I doubt that day will ever come in the next 5 years since we just had a crash in 2008. We are already doing so bad. Anyway, I am doing so much work these days. Writing a lot of content for my website Rich Papi. I think I have found my passion. I would like to become a content creator and create value through creating good content written by a good soul. I have made a promise to create as much value before I die. I feel responsible. I think though, my Apple investment alone is creating enough value! I am here in Colombia 6 more weeks and lets get the most out of it.

May 8, 2018       

Good days are coming

So today was a big day, I got so much done. Got a new sim card in Colombia which was very stressful. Met my girlfriend. Prepared for the trip that we are going tomorrow which is out of Medellin. Also added more position to a stock that I have a lot of hope for as it is getting hammered. It is very funny and fun to watch this stock and see how it plays out. So far I am in huge loss on it but longterm who knows ;) My girlfriend here is really kind and I am counting every minute that I am spending with her. She will be missed and will stay in my heart forever. Good souls! NAWMEAN?

May 7, 2018       

Slowly but surely

I am figuring out that every choice in your life matters. Specially when you are younger. Helping others is all good but you have to be careful it does not slow you down so much. People have expectations and you have to listen to your guts and feelings to decide whether it is a good choice to spend time or money on them. I learned that today actually! Anyway, I am going to explore Colombia a little more with an amazing girl which I found here. We have been seeing each other every day almost for the past week. It is just very sad that we have to say goodbye to each other in less than two months. I am here about 50 more days. And I want to enjoy life as much as I can. Also, I have been helping people with money and I am not sure if this is the right way of helping people. I prefer to save that time and money and help in an indirect way. I have to just figure it out how I can indirectly create so much value for the world. Colombia's network (Tigo) blocked my iPhone X and it was such a slow down, now they said I have to wait 24 hours and may be it will be fixed :( Anyway, lets enjoy this place as much as possible.

May 1, 2018       

Big Day

Today is Apple earnings. And yeah I am very stressed out. It is very important to me as I am very exposed to this particular stock. A lot of these super rich guys say stay away from single stock but I do not see Apple as a single stock. I feel like this company will make a huge difference in the future of humanity and I am really proud to be a part of this movement. Apple is not one single company, it is the future competition to the monster (called Google). It would be bad if Google alone takes over the world. I have both Google and Apple in my portfolio but Apple is my bet that will make a better difference in how we communicate. Anyway, I have found some very good friends in Medellin, and one of my best friends is coming to Medellin for his birthday. So till then lets see how the market reacts to the Apple earnings.

April 26, 2018       

Daily Motivation

In Medellin, I have become a lot more productive than before. At least that is what I think. But what I noticed is that you must motivate yourself daily. Specially if you want to accomplish so much in life. So I might start a website that its main purpose is to motivate people. Also maybe a website about getting fit and healthy. These two niches definitely make a lot of money. Or at least would be a lot of help to people. I am signing up for gym today and that will instantly make my daily schedule very packed. I am trying to modify my eating habits and today was pretty bad again but after signing up for the gym - that is my breakpoint. Lets see how I can balance a healthy life that is ALSO fun!

April 25, 2018       


I am officially starting my job as a philanthropist. I hope eventually I become a full-time at this job. But for now I want to stay student and learn more about the world. We do have enough of those people on the planet but I believe everyone of us would be a good person under the same circumstances. Maybe I am a bad person because of what I have been through. I looked at Bill Gates website today and it motivated me so much. Good vibes! He is a big man. I probably would have not been in Medellin if it wasn't for him. I would have probably not done any sort of drugs if it wasn't for him. So I am still confused if I am ready for that kind of responsibility. I want to work on my own projects that I like/love rather than doing something that eventually will keep me confused! Deep down though, I respect people who tend to go towards that kind of title in their life. I am not ready yet, because I want to help Iran more than anywhere. That puts me in a very specific niche of philanthropy. Because I am considered a local there and obviously that might affect my decisions down the road. So I am not even sure what I am doing in life anymore. I tried so hard in Mauritius and I failed big time. But it was a happy ending there! I feel like it prepared me for the rest of my life. Mauritius needs a lot of time to catch up! Anyway, Medellin is bomb. I am having such a blast here and I cannot wait for my life and lifestyle for when I come back to Canada. I hope my stocks strategy is working for what I want to go through while I am in Canada. My lifestyle has become more expensive as I do what I want nowadays. I do not spend money as if I am student anymore, but I may go back to it as I DO NOT like spending money :)

April 22, 2018       

Direction Sky!

I am feeling good again. For a month or so I was a little down as my personal life went a little down the hill. But again I found confidence in myself that both business and personal life will be good. Honestly I do not even want a personal life. We are at a stage in the history that everything is business. Not in a shallow way. But I see a lot of potential for growth in the world. So I think I discount my personal life. Everything is basically business for me. I even travel because of business. Not saying that you should be shallow and only think money. Think beyond money. I feel so responsible for the things around me and I feel I want to over achieve! I think the more I try the more chance I will have to win more success from here. IRAN and MAURITIUS are in my heart and I want to do something for both of them. My dream would be to launch a website that operates in both countries and I can help indirectly to middle class people. My passion is tourism industry. Iran is doing relatively bad in that sector. But I see a future for Iran that not many people can dream!

April 20, 2018       

I am a fighter

I have noticed something interesting. Every Saturday something funny/sad happens. Sometimes it is funny and sometimes it is sad. Sometimes both at the same time. I just hope that it won't become happy one day. Unless that day is a special day for me too. I have to wait a very long time for that event to come. I am prepared though. I do not want to fight a fight that is not 100% related to me. I sold all of my position in AD.TO today. I get good vibrations off of this stock because I cannot do derivatives on it like other stocks (let's say Apple). I have become smarter and smarter in the past year. But something fishy is happening with this whole stock market thing. As Apple grows I am not sure what will happen to the future. Anyway, delusional thoughts, you may be right. But my guts were right more than once. I AM NOT GOING TO SHORT AD.TO I have promised to myself. AD.TO is too small for me :)

April 17, 2018       

Old Money

Probably the worst thing that could happen to someone who is young, is to start feeling like old money. There are a lot of people that just have money and they do not contribute anything to the world apart from money. Unless they worked very hard for their money in the youth that money is not considered useful. I personally believe networth of people is not only realized by the amount of money they have. I see a lot of people around me everyday that are working very hard and to me that is real networth. Old money is so old! It is outdated. It should not even exist. I believe that we all should work hard everyday no matter how much money we have. Ever since I sold my first company, I became really lazy but I guess that is normal. The spirit inside me was seeking security. Now that I have it, I am going to change because I do not want to become old money in the future. This is why I Vlog or make websites or write content for my other websites. Because I believe the more you contribute the more you receive back! That is something delusional but I believe in Karma. I believe you carry that with you in this lifetime or the next for that matter. Even for the fear of a next lifetime, I am going to try my best to do GOOD in this one.

April 15, 2018       

Officially moving on

I have been living like a student for a long time. A very smart one actually. I am a working class hero to be honest. I started with $2 in my pocket in 2006! That $2 was saved by walking to a Youth Shelter that was about 8 Km away from my parents place, a home that had to be left alone due to many problems that I do not exactly recall. But again I am so proud that I have got from $2 to Multi-Millions (In Dollars) in less than 10 years. I see a path of life for me that will be so inspiring to watch. Not many people in my situation and circumstances make it to this level. But I am sure I have messed up my Karma (for the worse or better I am not sure). I have made many people upset in this progress of mine which might have been very costly for my soul but again I did me! I remember the days that I used to wake up at 6am in the shelter and used to dressed up (literally dressed in business clothing) but then slowly the streets grew in me. It even grew in my soul, I feel. It made me a totally different person, from someone who follows every rule to someone who breaks many rules. I am in Colombia now, where I am studying Psychology and Philosophy. I realized I have grown too much in the streets and it is not a good sign! I have learned enough. When I go back to Canada, I want to be business elite class. Dress like them, act like them. But there is one side of me that stays, and NOONE can take that from me. The pride! The pride stays. It is a fake confidence or real, not sure! But it is permanent. I feel I want to twist my soul in the academic and business person since that is what I learned in Iran.

April 13, 2018       

Colombia is cool!

Sittig at Amora Dulce Cafe in Medellin. My investment in Golem is paying off so well. It went up 65% since yesterday. I feel like I have something, something of meaning. One of my investments is a cash cow. I feel it. So I am not going to touch anything until I find out which one is the one that is what I am holding for life. Cryptos are doing well again after so long but I feel like it won't reach its top as easy. I bought some Ethereum recently and lets hope that it goes even further than last highs of it. I think I will stay in Medellin for the 2.5 months instead of travelling, number one reason is that I don't have enough energy and nor do I want to spend so much money travelling when all I need is internet! So far, Colombia has been very nice. I am not as productive as expected but I am getting there I think.

April 7, 2018       

Do Something

One thing I have learned the hard way in life is that you have to do something about something in order for that thing to be fixed or changed. You cannot just sit and expect things to progress. However, somethings better be left alone. I, however, never leave things untouched. I am a little extreme when it comes to making decisions. I have confirmation that my condo will be released in a few months and 2.5 months in Colombia should be fun. I will explore South America a little bit and see what it has to change my spirit. Because I have learned a lot from the Native Indians in Canada. That patience is a must!

April 2, 2018       

All Time Bottom

So I am again at Tim Hortons. Researching and planning my life after Colombia which will happen in 3 months exactly! I would like to move in to my own place and start a life that is amazing. I have a feeling I am at my all time bottom and things from here will only go up. The stock market is also doing under what I was expecting but this is really good for me as a longterm "young" investor. Some stocks are paying as high as 10% in dividend, I am not interested in them but this just means other stocks are at a low price! I am going to Colombia, Medellin for 2.5 months and my life has gone in a very different path!

March 21, 2018       

Back To Work

There is more people who want it, than people who have it. This is a "ghetto" phrase but all in all I respect it. It goes back to the most important thing I learned in University of Water which is the rule of supply and demand. I come to Starbucks nowadays as it is closer to where I live but soon maybe I will go to Tim Hortons as the weather gets better. I really am not that productive these days because I am postponing things to when I move in actually. But for now I think I am ok as I am still in vacation mode. I may go to Paris next month for 10 days or so. My investments are going sideways for now and that is not a good sign. Probably in the future I would want my investment go sideways because I don't want to buy stocks at a higher price. Going back to work now!

March 11, 2018       

Back To Normal

I am sitting at Sir William* Airport of Mauritius. I think it is the last time I will be in Africa for a very long time. Things could change but I learned so much about life here. I learned you have to value things. Somethings that might have a lot of value might be taken for granted and things that do not have much value might seem very valuable. I honestly think life is great and it is so precious. Sometimes it might get depressing but I am feeling it recently very well. I just need to get my iPhone X repaired. Then think about some good business plan and execute like a boss. I really want to work on a serious business and make loads of money. I realized I am living a very "ghetto" lifestyle. But I am enjoying it. Really! Being from the hood has thought me the value of things some people do NOT see and somethings that might be very valuable to them look very cheap and useless to me. Mauritius is great but I think Canada is even better. I feel most at home in Canada. It really does feel like home. Even though I think I face a lot less discrimination in third or developing countries. I have accepted Canada as HOME! No matter what happens, I feel like I have a duty towards Canada. I really want to do something of value in this beautiful country!

March 8, 2018       


So things either boom or doom. For me things are in "doom" mode for the past month. I feel like I will find its bottom when I come back to Canada. In Mauritius, I see a lot more doom for me happening. It is one of those periods where everything goes down at the same time. But I am strong enough to stand against the current that is happening. I like my work place on the bright side. I am not productive at all. But I think I have done enough again this time in Mauritius. My trip to China was a big lesson. Anyway, I will be ok hopefully. I need my projects to stay alive!

February 25, 2018       

Things got HOT!

I am back in Mauritius now. Residing in the north of Mauritius with the greatest of the greatest. So many things have changed and life has become faster already. I am sitting at Artisan Coffee close to Grand Baie and it feels like Cafe Lux. I looked over my investment profile and things are HOT there too. I really think something bad will happen to one of my assets and since I am heavily investing in each investment I will lose 5% of my profile easily. But that is a part of any business or event in life. Not everything can go perfect. I really do mean that, I have seen it first hand many times! No matter how much money you make or how educated you are, you will do mistakes and might never learn from them. But some mistakes could be profitable too. For example, getting into Crypto was really a huge gamble with the amount I got in which went RIGHT! Somethings go wrong too. I should be really careful as I am planning a business plan that is very scalable. I think I will be leaving Mauritius soon! So peace!

February 19, 2018       

Birthday Boy Soon!

So in about 5 minutes as of this word it will be my birthday in China. Since I am physically in China I am celebrating my birthday a little earlier than any other time in my life :) Such a good feeling. I am listening to my favourite music and making big life decisions! Let's see if my blog finishes before we hit 12:00. I danced a lot today, making life decisions like it is so easy. Probably the biggest decision of my life has been made! I am certain that my path has a bright future and I am just motivating myself. I feel a lot of negative energy but at the same time the positive energy that I am receiving is way stronger :) I will be in Reunion Island in 2-3 days and then Mauritius. I think I will go to Canada within 1-2 months as well! Mauritius is not going to be great again :( I feel like Canada has a better potential for me, but Mauritius had its chance and I tried hard but maybe later when I am bigger I will come back and do the things promised! Maybe next lifetime! 2 more minutes and I am going to be 1 year "bigger". Peace beautiful people.

February 4, 2018       

Going to China

Again at the Reunion Island Airport, waiting for our flight (yes our flight) to China. My girl is with me and this is her second country that she is visiting apart from Mauritius. I am so proud that she is doing this. A lot of Mauritians deserve to travel to China or anywhere else. They just do not have the funds for it while Europeans are blowing up money like there is no tomorrow. However, I have strong feelings that China is going to change me. They must be doing really well in life and everything else. We have booked a 5 star hotel for our first day and from then on we will go to Airbnb places. Have to be economy because I believe there is still a lot of growth left in the economy. I am very stressed though as I thought the stocks would continue to rise until 2019. It could but we had a 10% dip so far and I think it will go down another 5% :) Which is a good thing for me but very bad for the lower class and even upper class. I have been going to the gym and I am making some progress. I am thinking of starting a fitness website just so that I can focus more on my own health and share the journey. AGAIN, China is going to be awesome and I will keep you updated. This Airport (Reunion) is very uncomfortable. It does not have a restaurant and we have been eating chocolate as dinner. I am planning to save around 50$ in the short future so I can buy swimming clothes in China as Aziel forgot to bring it :( This is my strategy to avoid feeling bad towards occasional losses!

January 20, 2018       

Back to Mauritius

Airport, airport, I am getting tired of this whole airport thing. I just want my girl to come to Canada so I can just sit at home and code. Make a non-stoppable business. I am done tweaking my portfolio around. I am pretty confident that 80% of what I am holding is what I am going to hold for the next 20 years. GNT, ETH, LISK. Isn't that a lovely portfolio? I feel like a multimillionaire already :) I am so sure that these will grow into 20 millions for me. Cannot wait to sell out and enjoy my luxury life. I have been living like a student for too long. Sacrifice! But I am sure I will change that very soon as I am getting more confident about my future. I just want to do something of value so I can serve as many people as possible and through this process make as much wealth as possible so I can contribute even more. Mauritius is going to be great! I have already rented a car and a place. All I need is my laptop and drive to the beach and enjoy my beach lifestyle!

January 3, 2018       

Montreal Trip

Another year came to an end. Sitting at my friend's place in Montreal. Thinking of 2018 and I see this year to be the brightest year of mine. Cryptos cyrptos cryptos and CRYPTOS! I now have more exposure to cryptos than my whole entire assets rather than crypto. Blockchain has made me a lot more caring about what I want to accomplish. I am working on some very very long term projects related to transfer of value to third world and developing countries. I see a bright future already! I just have to be careful with what I do. I am at a level that I find myself responsible for my own wealth and others. There is enough wealth and energy around to have this world transformed. I am doing my part but I do not have the technical skills for it. I am trying though. I am planning to go to Mauritius after Montreal. I have exposed myself more to Golem project (GNT). It is the future of computing and I am speculating on a lot of wealth transfer through this project.

December 18, 2017       

The next big thing

The year is coming to an end. I am working on a secret project of mine which is related to crypto and virtual reality. I think it will take off. It will at first put some of my moralities at risk but in the future I think it will pay off. So if I ever disappeared I might be in North Korea working on a project that will fight with international money laundry which is going to be great for Mauritius and Canada and lastly Iran. Patience pays off with this crypto thing. The system is designed daily and if you take advantage of it now and figure out the power of this technology you will realize how soon we will all unite against a big cause that protects us as human. Crypto is such a huge huge topic that cannot be discussed right now. Whoever does not get involved is an immoral under-educated person who is so ignorant about what is going to happen in this war we are having. Please please get involved buy one Ethereum and if you can't afford 1, please buy a fraction of it. Where this world is going, we will have no borders and real good people will be separated from the bad and eventually we have to come to the understanding that we are all the same if the system was fair. For now, I am at a war with myself.

December 6, 2017       

Close to end of year

I am at work. I am getting a bit tired of my location but I guess that is what every job is like. I decided to drink tea instead of Hot Chocolate for today and damn it is not the same. I like my unhealthy stuff. Some of my friends are cashing out of Cryptos but for some strange reasons I am still adding to my ETH position and I see no end for this. I am a bit sad I did not get into EOS but who cares. Sometimes you cannot have it all. I like ETH better. I think ETH will keep on going up (maybe forever with no stop) that would be really ambitious. But I feel like it is an economy of its own. I am slacking off on my websites and had no progress for a long time now. I should be doing more design than just looking at graphs. Lets see how 2018 is going to form. Aziel (my girl) is coming in Feb or March 2018 hopefully but it could take longer. Once she comes we are planning to explore Canada and show its beauties.

November 27, 2017       

Try and error process

I am sitting at my office. The cheap lifestyle. I am negotiating with TD Bank for an interest rate for my stocks. I am really confused what this gambling game is. Am I on the right track? I feel things are happening too fast too quick. Am I ready to get bigger? But there is a portion of me which is investing and I am getting good vibes off of that portion. I am sure I am doing something wrong and in all its wrongness there is a good mission I have which is to get smarter day by day. Even that mission is not that moral in itself if I think about it at this low vibration. Getting too ahead of your peers financially might not be a very good option because smartness is also wealth. This is why I think I may do something wrong. But at the same time my mission is bigger than myself and I chose this risky path and for that I have to take risks even if I have to work hard for it. After all I am an educated man from Waterloo University. I think getting a very good rate from A BANK in Canada might be a very risky mission. Lets see what rate they offer me. I think I have a lot of advantages over other people but as long as I use it well for a good cause which I believe in, might turn out great. I am being too honest now but this may change depending on the rate I receive in the future. I want to trade in the future a little bit but without emotions toward the small causes I am fighting for. K.E.

November 8, 2017       

US Trip

Sitting at the airport in Toronto. On my way to meet my cousin in Boston in the US. I am very happy that I am meeting him after so long. He is a very bright man and is studying his Phd. I am listening to some good music and the vibe I am getting off US isn't the best I had. People seem a little stuck up. I feel like we have way different visions about life. Last night was a crazy night because I did not sleep enough but had super weird dreams also. I am going to observe and see what I learn from US. I hope it becomes better as I get in the city.

October 29, 2017       

End of year goals

Sitting at Timmies. Almost Christmas. I am going crazy over my Cryptocurrency investments. I have a very good feeling towards them. I am working on a website related to stock exchanges. I am thinking of trying to get my passion align with my work and “job”. I have no idea how this can create value but it does piss me off when I see a lot of these capitalists are getting richer for nothing and not adding any value. They might have their own reasons though. But someone who has a lot of capital isn’t doing anything but investing will add no value. Anyone else with a little brain with the same capital could probably do the same or even better. This is what I want to avoid becoming. Though I can make more money doing so but I want to stay an entrepreneur and “change the world :)”.

October 16, 2017       

Hustle time

In business you will do mistakes and sometimes you do something right. Sometimes you do something really right. These days I am working on some projects and I feel like I am doing them REALLY right! The competition is really tough out there. But if you got the soul for it you can easily do the right things. I am working on projects globally and I am thinking of sticking to the idea of MAURITIUS! I see a lot of bs businesses in Mauritius that are making money that they don’t deserve. Let’s see how I can grow into that market.

October 2, 2017       

Back to work

Sitting in a Timmies close to where my mom lives and I officially started work today. I am learning about Cryptos more and some investing strategies with options. Not sure if it will come handy but just in case and to make me smarter it is needed. I shouldn’t get used to having coffee here or I will add on more fat :( Anyway, I have a comfortable work place now and I think for the next 6-8 months I will come here everyday and get some work done.

September 26, 2017       

Coming to Canada!

435 days ago I left Canada with a bag pack and a hope to retire in Mauritius. Today I am going back to Canada with the same bag pack and a marriage certificate realizing nothing is as good as Canada. I learned a lot. Mauritius is poorer than I thought. And by poor I don't mean only money but also poor mindsets. It is a beautiful country that corruption will exist forever within it. Corruption is a part of their culture. And with that no one will ever get ahead. I also learned that money matters. Like a lot. To some people money is food and to some is a new car but my vision about money is freedom. I will come back to Mauritius when I am more mature. I enjoyed my stay :) Now I am sitting at the airport in Mauritius getting ready to go to Dubai which is a favourite. I hope I don’t act Mauritian in Canada. I picked up a lot of the culture here. I am a cheapo now. I am looking at my stocks now and oh god are they going up in a good time. I do not want my stocks to go up anymore nor down. I just want everything to freeze as I collect dividend. Stocks going up is not a good thing when you surpass a certain net worth.

September 7, 2017       

Mauritius is over soon!

414 days in Mauritius and counting. This phase of my life is coming to an end and what I have to show for it:

- Added 1 million dollar to my assets
- Failed studying Philosophy but I tried

Overall, I did pretty good and I hope this continues. I am aggressively cutting down on taking risks in the stock market and I am planning to become a dividend investor. I think from here on I do not need to take risks like I did for the past year. I am going back to Canada in less than 3 weeks and from here I am planning to become 10X more productive and try to do something for Mauritius (or Africa if I succeed) I started and a couple other projects like Mauritius Attractions ( From now on I have decided to ONLY do what I love to do. I do not want to do it like before to run after money for any possible gig. Anyway, got to shave my beard. Talk soon!

August 23, 2017       

Covered calls mistake

Sitting again in Cafe Lux of Bagatelle. Such a good feeling because this Cafe made me another million dollar. I remember the days that I used to come here every day and analyze graphs and take risks that I shouldn’t have taken if I was normal. Anyway, a big mistake that I did again was selling covered calls on my Apple stock at strike of 175$ for Nov 17, 2017. If stocks go above that level from current level of 158$ I will lose a ton of money :( I promise to myself I would never sell call cover calls but it’s ok I guess I wanted that premium (which was very small by the way). Anyway, I am thinking of a new investing strategy that I am sure will work. I think I do not need to take risks anymore. I can be like that rich dude that just makes money off of the market for no good reason. DIVIDENDS!

July 28, 2017       

Last day of being single

Today is the last day I am a single man. I am happy for no good reason tonight. I feel like I have accomplished a lot in Mauritius. I met the coolest entrepreneur on earth. I met this guy who got me into Cryptos. We met again in Bagatelle and discussed a few things. But the experience was such a thing you would see in TV. Anyway, Mauritius was a good place for me. I learned a lot and again understood power of money even more. The importance of having it, keeping it, making it. I realized that I am blessed being a Canadian. There is a huge barrier in Mauritius if you want to get rich. Anyhow, this is the last post of me as a single man. Wish me luck. I am working on some really cool ideas and I will execute them once I go back to Canada.

July 14, 2017       

Things went out of hand :)

So tomorrow (today in the morning) I will go to sign papers to get married to the beautiful girl I met in Mauritius. I have been really involved in investing and feel good about my portfolio. Things are looking bright. Anyway, I better go to sleep now. Wish me luck!

June 25, 2017       

Something’s off

Something is off when you realize: it is Sunday. You are sitting at the best Cafe of Mauritius at close to closing hour and the only thing you think about is success. The feeling that one day I will come sit at this cafe with my favourite one and explain this feeling that I am so hungry for success that I can work 20 hours a day. I am not even sure if money is the goal anymore. I have a bigger plan and it is to help Mauritius poverty. I see something huge in Mauritius. A huge gap between the races and social classes that can’t easily be solved. Only a monstrous entrepreneur could tackle this problem. I am going to start with small money making strategies because 95% of wealth of Mauritius is distributed among a certain race. How can I solve anything when I am in the 5%? I am going to hustle as hard as I can but I will fail. And that is the fun part. When the problem is too big to even tackle. For now, I am enjoying my pennies :)

June 13, 2017       

New beginings

Sitting at KFC close to my place (about 10 min drive - Mahebourg), and thinking of future goals. I think future is bright. The only downfall I could have is if I make a very bad decision. So far I have got really lucky with my choices. And one right choice has shooted me up in the sky. And it is called CRYPTOCURRENCY. They are going to moon and I am definetly holding on and sitting on the rocket. Anyway, with all seriousness, I suggest everyone to get in. I am enjoying life a lot more with this option. Apart from that, I am working on a business made for Mauritius and it is longterm. Today I made an agreement with someone who is going to be involved. Anyway, good things are coming!

May 20, 2017       

Main guy is back

So for a while one of my favourite employees was away and now he is back. Things will move a lot faster now that he is coming. I will get time to help him and do other things. Time is the most important thing that God has given us. Any amount of time is valuable. I spend a lot of time on research these days but eventually a day will come that I have to put the experience to work. Mauritius market is very unique and I am sure I can understand it very well very soon. I am hoping to understand it better than the top dogs of Mauritius. Once that’s done, the real Krishna will come to do the real work!

May 11, 2017       

Back :)

I am thinking of starting to seriously becoming productive in life. I had a very productive year last year. But I think it can become better if I focus more. Productivity matters a lot because I noticed in Mauritius basic things get a lot of attention. Whereas for me I like weird things and I find other things to be counted as productive. I’d like to improve my French and learn programming again. I do feel like I can enjoy programming again like my childhood and meantime count it as productive hours.

May 2, 2017       

Back to Mauritius

So I am sitting at the airport again. We have 5 more hours to get to Mauritius. This trip was definitely a different one. I enjoyed it a lot but I am for sure ready to go back home! Wherever that is! I would like to know how to speak French at least for a little bit. It would be such an accomplishment if I learn that. But with time I am sure I can speak some French. I noticed that French people definitely do NOT like to speak English. This would be my last post in Reunion at least for years.

April 30, 2017       

Reunion Island part 2

We went to a very high-end party at a hotel last night. Apparently, it was the birthday party of the hotel holder. So we had a lot of fun (my girlfriend and I). I would like to keep this balance of lifestyle for life. It feels great when I check-in to a place or an Airbnb place far from home. It feels like home immediately :) We will go back to Mauritius, and will make Mauritius great again!

April 26, 2017       

Reunion island

We arrived to Reunion island (I and my gf). I saw a scene that changed my mind. I saw a tree that could not grow bigger than its natural limits, but at the same time the rocks around it were holding it so tight together. I also observed a lot of different beautiful animals by the corner of the ocean that were jumping around rocks and they probably have been there for many many generations and followed basic rules of their own build natural culture. I really do not know but these two changed me as a human being. It was so inspiring to see that scene of that tree that was still growing big. Maybe I am like that tree!

April 23, 2017       


Did not have enough time or energy to update the blog but here we go again! I got sick for a bit and now feel better and in a few hours I have my flight to Reunion island with one of the most beautiful girls I know. I might marry her :) Let’s see if we have the same goals or enough reasons to let this go forever. I miss my life in Canada but Mauritius has grown in me so much and I do not think I can easily forget and leave. Because if I go back to Canada I will miss here! Reunion, you are next. Lets go!

March 27, 2017       

More progress

Working really hard these days. Last night I had 2 hours of sleep but I am sure I am having something meaningful. It will be the greatest of the greatest. There is only one position in the world for the best service and I am working behind the psychology of great service. Wish me luck!

March 9, 2017       

Some more progress

I have not been able to update the blog. I have had so many guests in my place recently. None stop actually. I have learned a lot. Most of these guests have been to over 25 countries and some over 50! This makes me a much better person to get to hang out with them and share my time with them. They are mostly awesome people. It is nice to see their point of view about life. Some of them travel with almost no money at all. Almost 0! I want to travel myself but I am for now enjoying Mauritius too much and lets see what this year brings on for me.

Feb 22, 2017       

One year older

I had the best 28th birthday a few days ago. I am very excited for this upcoming year. As I am working with some overseas employees to create some next generation technology. I would like to have so many businesses and I am sure one if not all will take off so good that I can grow other businesses out of it. I really want to create some value and I think I can do that through the blockchain and virtual reality. One of these will be my favourite field of investment of time and energy.

Feb 5, 2017       

New companies

These days I am going crazy over creating new companies. I am working on at least 8 projects at the same time. And every single one of these are ran properly. I am thinking of working on so many projects and find my passion eventually. Mauritius changed me as a person I realized the value of money even more. I want to create value more than ever. THAT IS THE GOAL!

Feb 1, 2017       

Wow! I did it!

Apple up 7-8%. Enough said!

Jan 28, 2017       


A lot of people wanted the market to crash at least they expected it. I was not skeptical and I really do not think it will crash but one thing I know is that it is at a very expensive price and I am considering to hold on buying more. These days I am really interested in the virtual currency world. I think the next successful niche is digital currency. It is booming. It will change lives very quick. I am pumped about the idea of having no fee transactions world wide and the internet. These two things will change many things very quick. It could change our culture as human. It can make us a lot more human than before. Because fiat currency has separated us not only financially but it has also made us very far from our origin of being one.

Jan 18, 2017       

That’s it.. BUAY

Half a year in Mauritius as of now. I came here exactly 182 days and few hours ago. It is crazy! Things moved very fast. I doubled my net worth. I got an amazing girlfriend and worked on some very cool projects so far. I am still hoping to do something for Mauritius even if it has to lose money. I feel like a Mauritian. 6 months does it.

Anyway, I recently have been looking into digital currencies. I think they have a lot of potential to change the world. Some of them to name but again I might be wrong: Ethereum, Bitcoin, Doge, Menoro, Skeem. These are the ones I am looking into. Specially “Ethereum” I think would do very well. I do not quite understand it so well yet but I know I can become really wealthy investing in that. I am going to listen to my heart and go with Ether so later you know why I do not work. Because ether is like working. By investing in it you will make a lot of lives easy. That is at least my understanding. Think about it, imagine if there is no banks anymore and you can send a D (Doge coin) which is .0002 to someone in another continent to do something. I know 1 D won’t get anywhere but remmeber it will grow in value. Basically businesses will compete with each other because now 100 D sounds big! Ethereum sounds super cool! I am not going to go crazy over it but I think I will be a very long term investor of it.

Jan 13, 2017       

That’s it

My mom must be on plane coming to Mauritius right about now. It is 12:09 Mauritius time and she should be here in about 6 hours. My father, my girlfriend and I going to pick her up from airport. It is one of the best days of my life and the first 10 minutes feel like it. This is my first post of 2017. A few things I have made up my mind about: I am not going to sell any stocks. I am not going to buy anymore stocks (this is a lie) also because I got to pay off my lines of credits :)) in 2016 I invested heavily in Apple and I am not regretting it as I did it in July time. I have a good feeling about this year. I just need to pay my taxes and a couple bills and from then on come up with an investing strategy that won’t be stressful and comfortable. I think I am done, I just need to fill up my margin with Google stock as long as it is under $3000 a share and after that just invest in TD bank and that’s it. My life is complete financially. But the big part is coming up. This is where I start to build meaningful companies and change the world for a better place. Let’s make 2017 the best year EVER!

Dec 31, 2016       

Last day of 2016

What a year that was. From the downs to the ups. I am very happy to be spending the last day. It is 12:10 am and I have 23 hours and 50 more minutes of 2016 to decide what to do with life. I really want to become successful :) I am on my way.

Dec 30, 2016       

Counting down

Yesterday I was seriously thinking about buying digital currencies. But they are already really at a high price but I think I would want to take a risk and buy it. How wrong can I go really when they are claiming that they will go even higher. I don’t want to be that guy at 60 year old and my kids say dad why don’t you have money. This might very well happen that real wealth happens in a virtual reality. We are already living in a reality which people did not expect years ago.

Dec 27, 2016       

I am not bad

A lot of people think I am a shallow person who only thinks about money. No, Yes, but money does bring a bit of happiness and health. It does give you time to do something else. It does help you do other things that helps others. So yeah I love money. I want to make more of it. I want to use it more. I want to get it and do something amazing with it. We are living in a world where money is a tool. It has different uses. But it has made things very simple. I want to do something for the world before I die. And yeah I want to build wealth and with it make other people happy. I just want to make sure I do not get greedy. I don’t want to be that guy who goes to gym from morning to night. A balance, and money can help me with that balance of life.

Dec 26, 2016       

End of year

Chilling by the beach on my laptop. Studied some Philosophy. Today was a big day for me. I went to Grand Bassin with my partner to make a life time decision. The year is coming to an end and things are moving very very fast. I am looking forward to 2017 and I want to really become successful. I have been really enjoying my life for the past 3-4 years and I think it is unfair to keep on that life style. I am not single anymore and that comes with a lot of responsibilities. It is getting dark here (it is actually very dark now). I will go home. I do not know if I mentioned I go to the gym now on daily basis.

Dec 21, 2016       

Investing in value

As I am writing this, I have just changed my post. I think I prefer to stay away from making stock picks. I see no value in that but I think one of these tech companies will change us as a human being. It could be Apple, Facebook and Apple again :D

Dec 16, 2016       

Beach Days

Beach days are awesome. I’m living a very laid back life currently. It is crazy that I took a risk and I wrote about it on this blog and it worked out. So more beach days for me till I die. I am going with my girlfriend and his brother. They are awesome. I learn a lot from them because there is a 9 year gap between us. But I feel as young as them and I sure do act like them. I am aggressively still investing in the market. I think it is going to fly to moon in 2 years. Specially Apple stock <3 It is the best. See you soon!

Dec 11, 2016       

New year is close

2016 surely was a different year. It started pretty depressing. It got better when I went to Cuba and now in Mauritius is perfected after finding the woman of my dreams. I am working on a new company in tourism industry. At the same time I am studying Philosophy. 2017 will be a good year and I can already sense that. As long as I am careful with how I invest my time and money. So far I feel confident about 2017 with Trump being elected I think we are going to have a good solid up in stock market and overall the economy. We will see how things will go.

Dec 6, 2016       

In a relationship

So biggest decision in life is your life partner. Today I officially started a relationship with the one I want to have something meaningful with. I am pretty happy about this decision. I am moving to Mahebourg tomorrow and I have signed up for gym. Today Apple did well and I think next year will be a great year for that stock and forever! If Warren Buffet is investing in it, it must be darn good. I am heavily invested in the market now and I am waiting for some security as time passes.

Dec 4, 2016       

Ready to hustle again

I am at Lux Cafe again :) Today I am starting to make business plans of my 2017 project. It is a long term project which I will be working on for the rest of my life hopefully. It has to do with tourism industry in Mauritius. I want to get into that niche and hustle. When there is a booming niche you cannot go wrong working hard at it. I am dating my beautiful Mauritian girl and I am so happy about what is happening. Things might very well become serious with her. But again I am just hoping it works out. We will find out in a bit. So today I want to brush up on my programming skills which I have no used for over 5 years. It will be fun to try to re-do it. Because I know my friends my age are worn out of programming and now I can start again after resting myself for a while. Wish me luck!

November 29, 2016       

Ready for Christmas

Finally settled with an amazing girl. I have a good feeling this one will work out :) Anyhow, I have invested heavily in stock market as I said I am fully exposed and I am not expecting a market crash. I want to become Warren Buffet of Mauritius. I think the next 8 years will great for stocks and economy. I may be wrong but I am sure good things are happening in the world and we are making some good progress. I invested in some company that invests in other companies, and I think this is the one stock that will get me anywhere if ever I get anywhere in this gambling game!

November 21, 2016       


So apparently people’s expectations are really high. I have not updated this blog for more than a week and been working on a lot of projects. I also have started a serious relationship with a beautiful Mauritian girl. I have also have planned my next year to see what I am going to do. I will be in Mauritius and I want to move to my girlfriend’s neighbourhood. It is going to be really good because I am enjoying the weather here. My lifestyle is also very good because I get to work far from home at a place I feel like home. So my plan to learn French has been dropped and I prefer to enjoy life instead and learn some sort of Philosophy. Anyway, I have not had enough sleep for days. Chao.

November 11, 2016       

On my way up

I am at Lux once again. Trump has became the president of United States and this is a good sign that stock market will just do fine the next 8 years. I have a great feeling that I can have my money doubled by end of his presidency and I might have a solid business too at that time. These are the critical dates of my life and I do not want to mess it up. I want to build a business that is my passion and I want to do it for fun. If it makes money then great but if it doesn’t I will keep building stuff and hope that one day it will become profitable but that is how most successful people have made it. The probability is low but if I make it happen then I will be top notch. I have no doubt that one day I will be financially very comfortable and I can do the things in life that I always wanted.

November 4, 2016       

Back to Mauritius!

I am in Dubai Airport and watching airplanes fly by and I have a good feeling that I will make it happen eventually in life. I am confident that I will make success, I will build a good company and I have no doubt. It is just the matter of how much success it will have. Anyway wish me luck. I will be back in Africa in about 16 hours.

November 3, 2016       

End of Iran trip

Another end is coming. That was very fast. 40 days of Iran. The trip was MUR > Tehran > Yazd > Shiraz > Kish > Bandar Abbas > Yazd > Shiraz > Yazd > Tehran. I met over 20 friends and dated over 5 girls. Talked to 8 business partners and I am thinking about 2 business ideas and will choose one to work on. This trip made me a lot smarter and I definitely enjoyed Iranian people and the culture. Iran has improved so much. I did some mistakes but overall the trip was worth it.

November 1, 2016       


I am in Yazd’s Airport and have some time to think about life. Last night my cousin got into an accident because he was practising to drive. It was a very sad night but again when I did the math the amount lost was very small and I think it was a good lesson but again things happen. I am going to Tehran for one last time to spend time with friends and in less than 4 days I am flying back to Mauritius where I am getting serious about life. Though it is serious already but I think I have a good future in Mauritius.

October 29, 2016       

Dead friends

I came to the cemetery and sat down by my dead friend who died about 14 years ago. He has been here in this graveyard for 14 years and years has gone by and every time I feel sad I automatically remember him and it calms me down a little bit. Now I am updating my blog by him and I promised to come back for him again. Death is a very strange thing. It is a gift from God to die. Imagine if we lived so long it would not be so fun. But the fact that you know you die is very good. Things will get better very soon. Worst is death!

October 28, 2016       

Who you become

Long time I have not updated this blog but I did take a lot of pictures of my life progress in Iran. I am really impressed by how things are going. Iran has made a lot of improvements. Last time I was here 4 years ago I realized that culture has improved but this time it has gotten so much better! I am spending one more week here in Iran and I think I have enjoyed the trip already. It was more than enjoyable to see my old friend and teachers. To realize how the world is progressing outside North America and how people think overseas. I love the person I am becoming everyday. I think I am on the right track! Let’s create a better world…

October 21, 2016       

Potential growth

I have noticed life is only beautiful when you have some control over your future but not full control. When you know the exact outcome, things are a bit hard because your expectations are set. However, when you know you are going to do well but it is the matter of how well you will do is when you will do great in life. I have noticed when I do some secure work or investment or anything secure it is not fun. But when I do something that goes with the flow and it might have an amazing outcome that I wouldn’t know then things are a bit different and fun!

October 18, 2016       


At times it is not about how confident you are in yourself. It is about the system. Does not matter how hard you try, you will most of the time depend on the system. For example, a trader’s result will depend on the market. It is true that some traders do not care about how the market does but most traders and investors rely on the market going up. Apple and Google are doing great and I think these two are investments that everybody needs to own.

October 16, 2016       

Old friends

I am in Bandar Abbas, and I met one of my old friends who got to know me in High School. I met so many cool people. Travelling is great because you get to see people from a different perspective. I really want to keep travelling but again it will consume a lot of your time. I have not been able to go to the gym for a long time and I want to go :( I have another 20 days in Iran and my plans changed a lot because things did not go well with a situation I expected. However, it was a meaningful trip already and I have no doubt I will gain a lot more as time passes.

October 13, 2016       

Island times

Today was my last day in Kish, Iran. The best island life is experienced at this place. I was blessed to have a family friend to have an amazing time here. The ultimate life of Iranians are lived here at Kish and the ones who make it further go overseas to enjoy a better life. I noticed everyone wants to get out of Iran and go abroad. It is like a dream to them. I will go to Shiraz again tomorrow to enjoy the rest of my trip and will go to Perspolis the ancient city of Iran.

October 10, 2016       

Best times

To me the best times of my life is when I am on road and with friends. You look at your stocks and your main pick is up 2%. That is just crazy and happened to me yesterday. Well, there is another 20 days or so to the election. It seems good so far. It feels like people already know what they are getting themselves into!

September 29, 2016       


I am working very hard toward living with freedom. Everyday that passes I am seeing myself to become a more free person than yesterday. By freedom I mean to have the ability to do what I love for the rest of my life. I am not really free at this stage. But I am working hard. Right now I am preparing myself to go to Yazd from Tehran and I am waiting for my bus to arrive. I had so much fun in Tehran and I am able to see how much of a fun trip this one would be!

September 28, 2016       

Seeing her

Today, I am seeing my favourite girl. The girl who made me a different person. I am not sure if things will work out, but I am sure about one thing that I would like to meet her at least one more time. This is such an awkward moment. I have not met her for 5 years. I will be with her in 20 minutes and I bought a flower for her. It is a good day!

September 24, 2016       

Final months

These are very crucial months of my life. If things go well until December I will know for sure if I can live like a retired person or not. It could really go bad at the same time! But we will find out in a few months. I am spending my last hours of being in Mauritius at Cafe Lux where I worked a lot and made a lot of money. Let’s hope I do not lose it in IRAN :)

September 23, 2016       

Iran trip

I am spending my last day in Mauritius. I just updated my Mac to the Sierra OS and I can now talk to my Mac! Like talking to my iPhone was not enough! Well, Mauritius taught me a thing or two and now I am just waiting to go to Iran. These months are the final most important months of my life as I am making a lot of important decisions!

September 22, 2016       

Out of Rat Race

Does not matter if you have a 7 figure income. Does not matter How much you got in the bank. The only thing that matters is that do you have the strength to quit your job today and live luxury and do what YOU LOVE for the rest of your life or not and can you maintain it? A lot of people brag about how much they make but if you are not LOVING what you are doing to me that money is not earned. Life is given to us as a gift to do what we love to do with it. I am not saying to quit your job and start travelling, no! But aim for it, on the side plan to do something that gets you financially free, either it is investing or your own business. But do it! The feeling that you are even trying for it makes your life so different. If we were given 1000 years to live instead of 100 years. Only those who do what they love will continue being strong. The rest will burn out by year 200. Even 100 years is long enough. The system is designed to send us to school and if you are not a good student like me, you will hate your life for many years. I noticed only when I start trying to have my own business was the time that I started enjoying life.

September 20, 2016       

Becoming somebody

I am just planning my future now at Lux Cafe in Bagatelle. I am planning to start an investment firm in Mauritius soon. Maybe not a firm but more like a fund. Or I may consider going only with tech business. I really want to do something amazing before I die. I want my children to carry the name of “Eydat” with a pride. I really have a good feeling about becoming and trying toward becoming someone who creates value! I know there are many people with a lot of talents that with a bit of fund could do something amazing. I am all for that kind of service. I will show you how great I am :)

September 13, 2016       


I am hiking right now in Mauritius. My Apple stock got a huge hit the past week but have been up 3% in two days which makes it great again. I am planning to go to Iran now to see my friends and a potential lover of mine. If things go well I might be spending the last months of being single. I want to stay single for a long time if this does not work out but we will see how it goes!

September 12, 2016       

Stress management

The more risk you take the more stress you will have. Stress is a part of business and the more stress you have there is a cool feeling that comes along with it when you are managing it properly and it is the reward of excitment. When you are taking too much calculated risk and the reward is calculated, there is a lot of excitement that can follow this. I personally never thought investing this aggressively is this rewarding. I would have never done this in 1000 years. But it is worth it as I am in a situation for the last time to take this amount of risk. Later I will be married and cannot ever take risks like this ever again! So I am really excited these days because I am taking risk that I cannot afford if I was in a sane mind.

September 9, 2016       


Today I got my Mauritian passport. And that makes me the first and only Mauritian man on earth that holds Iranian and Canadian passports too. The chances of someone getting this combo of passports is really slim. Maybe my kids will have it too. But I am very excited for this because it will allow me to stay in Mauritius as long as I want. And I am extending my stay all the way to next September unless things get really ugly here. For now I am happy investing until November and after I will start a business of my own again as it is my passion. These days I work at Bagatelle Lux Cafe which is awesome and the rest I am at the beach or with friends! Life’s good.

September 1, 2016       

Risky times

I believe in risking in life. Not too much but to a point where it is worth living. When you do not take risks life is boring and it is not that exciting. But when you take risks the rewards could be great and at the same time you can lead a very exciting life.
I have decided to take a huge risk and bet on the fact that the market will not crash so if I am wrong then I am wrong and things are not as pretty as it looks now. But I have a strong feeling that human have grown and markets will not crash. It might go down but shall not crash!

August 22, 2016       


I have noticed when I do something I like I perform way better in life than when I am doing something I do not like. Today I think I may make a huge turn over in my life and cut a lot of things that I do not like doing. I used to be interested a lot in them but as time passes I realized I am interested in other things. Wish me luck!

August 18, 2016       


So I have decided to invest in the market with my dividends monthly and invest about 1.5% extra every month as my portfolio gets bigger. I am collecting some good dividend and I have no idea why I have no been doing this for longer. I am taking a lot of risk at the same time but I am sure it will work out ok if I do it consistently.

August 15, 2016       

Apple stocks

I am heavily invested in APPLE now! I honestly could not wait for November. I think Apple will do great no matter what. I can vision a day that this stock is going to the moon and I am coming to read these notes and tell myself “oh gosh what a smart move”. Enough said, please invest in Apple if you got money. The second rule I have is this, reinvest the dividends and the last rule: NEVER SELL A GOOD STOCK!

August 8, 2016       


This is almost my third week in Mauritius. Time is flying. I have had some business ideas that I wanted to execute but none of them seem decent. The first one was a car rental business. But I think I should stick to my tech business but the market seems really tough now. It is really difficult to make money though I should not say that according to the secret rules :) Anyway I am still hoping lots of good things to happen in my life. Soon I might bring my best co-worker to Mauritius and see if we can do something.

August 5, 2016       

Happiness Level

Life is all about how happy you are. Since I moved to Mauritius I feel a lot happier than before. I am doing a lot more fun things in life and I am more active. I experienced Nirvana about two years ago, maybe something very similar but I am becoming happier and happier these days. I maybe wrong but we will find out soon. This year is a very critical year for me as I am making a pivot in my life and I am trying to find my passion. I really want to do what I love even if I go wrong by taking this risk. I can always fix it down the road. But that’s another thing to worry about.

August 3, 2016       

Bought a car in Mauritius

Today after running all around the town to buy a motorbike, I ended up buying a car. I bought an older Nissan car for my stay here in Mauritius. I might regret buying it but if I stay here long enough then having a car is a good option for me.

July 31, 2016       

10 million by 30

So I have been in Mauritius about a week now. It is a wonderful place and I am learning a lot. I invested a little more money into Apple and it is already at a very high price.
But we will find out if it was a good investment in a year. I truly believe in their products and I am in love with them. So even if I am wrong I will not be very upset as that is a decision of my life to love Apple products. Google is also a very good looking investment but since they are not paying dividend I cannot invest in them. I NEED quarterly income to invest in a company. I maybe wrong though, but I have this firm rule in investing and I really do not want to break it. Google is a different kind of investment, it is a company that you can hold for life. It is basically the internet, but I wish they paid dividend.
I also have to start eating less since I stopped going to the gym. It is really easy to put a lot of weight :(

July 30, 2016       

Big decisions

I have mentioned this many times. But very small decisions early in life are considered big decisions in future time. The same way that small money in the past will worth a lot more investing it for the future.
I am really stressed as I have to make some serious decisions these days. Wish me luck!

July 28, 2016       

Finally in Mauritius

So I am now in Mauritius and I am having lots of fun. I have got my car and internet set up and I do not need anything else to enjoy a decent life.
People are friendly here and very educated. I am going to start working hard too to see if I can get my business growing here.

July 23, 2016       

Mauritius :)

After 35 hours of transit I arrived to Mauritius with my dad today. Things are really different here. But I do feel a little better than when I was in Dubai yesterday.
I got my phone and internet going and I got 50 Gb of data which is more than I need, it is also very fast so I think my productivity would be the same as Canada if not better here. Anyway, got a lot to do. I will talk later.

July 19, 2016       

Mauritius Tomorrow

So here we go, the day before going to Mauritius I went all in Google stock and some HSBC. Seems like amazing opportunity. I may be wrong and things will not be good. I am basically betting that the markets won’t crash. I really had a feeling that markets will crash. But I am just not patient enough. At the same time not being exposed to market have always caused me great loss. So lets see how things work out. Today is my last day in Canada and I am going away for at least a year. It is going to be a very interesting year.
I am so serious about Mauritius that I even cancelled my phone service.

July 16, 2016       


Life is really marginal as I explained. Any mistake could take you to ground. And one the good side, one right movement could change your life in a way that you will always appreciate that right movement.
These choices come in life many times. One pick of right stock or the right job could be that one thing that you need to live a fantastic life. And one pick in the wrong stock or a bad job could cause you to suffer for a very long time.
I have come up with this strategy of my own which seems to work very well for me in stocks. I can easily have a higher return than the market using this strategy. It only consumes your time a couple hours per month and you could easily yield 2-3% extra guaranteed over the market. However this works only for accounts less than 2 million dollars. Over that this strategy will not work.

July 14, 2016       

Almost there

Only 5 more days in Canada and I am off to Mauritius where I think I am making a huge pivot in my life. These days I enjoy sleeping and going to gym a lot.
Those two are the main activities in my life right now, apart my daily ice cream that I get from McDonalds (got to cut on that soon). Stock market is definitely moving in the right direction. I should have not sold on Brexit on the small dip that we had. I kept most of my stocks.

July 10, 2016       

Feeling good

When I wake up I automatically know if that day is going to be a good day or an average day or just a very bad day.
Sometimes I wake up and I feel divine. I feel one with everything around me. And sometimes I wake up feeling a little separate from the world. Today I woke up early and went to McDonalds and got myself a Pancake. This used to happen often but recently I wake up a little later. Today I woke up at 8 feeling divide and got myself coffee after a long time. It felt great. I am in Canada 10 more days and I am looking forward to some major change in my life.

July 8, 2016       

All in

Today I thought to myself every time I stayed out of the stock market and waited and waited I always lost. It is my very bad Psychology skills that gets in the way. Every time the stock goes down in a few days I sell out and come out. It has been multiple occasions specially recently that I sold on the lowest day and as soon as I sold the stock went up very quick.
However, the fear has saved me a lot in losses too. If I didn’t take money out I would have lost a lot in oil stocks last year. Anyway I think I am breaking even in this strategy. But on Monday, I am planning to start buying stocks on margin and take some risk before going to US elections. I do not think the market could crash anything like 2008. So why not go in now.

July 5, 2016       

Wasting time

If at an older age you do one little mistake it could cost you your whole life. This life is really marginal. There is so little margin for error. I am not saying you should not take risks. Actually not taking risks is what is risky. Because you could become so much more successful risking.
But there is little place for mistakes.

July 4, 2016       

Stock market

I follow the stock market almost everyday. It blows my mind to see some of the stocks grow 8 to 10 times in less than 10 years. If you use margin to buy some of these stocks that grow so fast and get lucky you can retire sooner than you think.
I am heavily invested in Apple right now and I feel it is one of the stocks that will grow 4-5 times soon enough. I may be wrong and it might tank like Blackberry or other tech companies. But Apple is far from crashing at this point.

July 3, 2016       


I am leading a very stressful life. I have taken the risk of not working for a corporate and going with hopes of creating my own company.
I have had success on multiple occasions building a company on my own but it just seems that it has gotten more difficult these days. I am not sure is it because of the way how the market is not moving or is it that I am just getting older.
I get really stressed out some days like today about my future. I sometimes even think about going to get a regular 9-5 job and destroying my dreams. It is less of a risk but I will have a decent secure life. When you are funding your own company and not having a job you could burn through a lot of savings very fast specially if you travel like me. As the market slows I might have to cut on some of my spendings.

July 2, 2016       


I talked to a guy today at the gym who owned a few condos and stocks. I thought condo business is over in Toronto and the prices are going down. But I think he changed my perspective. There is still a lot of room for them to grow. There is less maintenance than house for condos.
I am going to Mauritius in 17 days and I am super excited for the risk I am taking to transfer my business. If things go wrong that would really hit me hard because I am at my prime age in my life. Lets see how things go.

June 30, 2016       

Happy days

There are days that I wake up and I feel like my life could not be better. But there is always room for improvement. But I have made a lot of bad decisions at the same time some of my decisions were really good, specially the ones I made in 2011 and 2012. Since then my decisions were not as good and it is getting me worried.
One wrong decision at this stage could cause a lifetime mistake that cannot be fixed. I have noticed that if markets crash and I make one small bad decision when it is really low I could lose everything. Lets not be that pessimistic, on the good side one right decision could double or triple my net worth at recession times.

June 29, 2016       

Wrong decisions

I have been the worst trader in the past few months. Basically whenever the market is moving up I am buying and when it is down I sell. I am doing exactly the opposite of my own trading rules.
But it is not easy when you are in the situation. After Brexit I sold a bunch of my stocks and now two days after they are all back up again. This sucks!
I am 80% sure that the market will go down until after US election. If I am wrong then that would suck even more because I am ready to buy more stocks at a cheaper imaginary price.

June 28, 2016       

Taking risks

So I thought the markets will start a free fall very soon. Yesterday I sold all the stocks that I had on margin. But today stocks went up. I am definitely not a lucky one.
But I am sure markets will react badly to the US election, I might be wrong again and that would really suck. Yesterday I met a couple of investors and got some really good advice on stocks. However I think the best investment is investing in your own company. You will make a LOT more money in your own company if you know what to do. That is what I am planning to do.

June 27, 2016       

Recession mode

After Brexit (United Kingdom getting out of the EU) the markets have been responding very badly. US election is not helping either. I sold whatever I was owning on margin in stocks.
The risk was too much. Looking at every US election the market has had a dip. I may be wrong but the logical thing to do was to sell some of my stocks and hold the cash until (hopefully) the stock goes down. If it goes to half price it would be amazing and fun!
In 2008 a lot of people lost a lot of money, some even lost all they had gained for decades. It was a brutal year to own some American banks. At this point I can relax and just enjoy the market since I am not at risk anymore.

June 25, 2016       

Setting goals

Today I saw an old friend of mine. Time flies. Life is a precious gift, it is very short also. There is really small margins for error. Some small mistakes and errors are ok, but bigger mistakes can be fatal and life long regrets and impossible to recover.
I was thinking to myself what is it that I am really looking for in life. Few years ago it was a nice car and a house and family life. Today though I would say it has changed a lot. I looked even more into the future. What is it that I want after having it all.

June 24, 2016       

Market crash

Finally the day that I thought would come has come. The markets were down today by a lot. My Google shares dropped by 4.5% today. I KNEW IT! That is crazy how I was even ready for a day like this. I expect the market to go even further down but that would really scare me. If the market drops another 5% I am totally getting out of market till after US election.
Anyway, lets see how things work out.

June 23, 2016       

Seeing rich people

So I was browsing Youtube and I see a lot of rich people in other countries. That is crazy how rich some of these people are. For example people in Dubai. What we call luxury here, they see it as regular living.
I wonder how they made their money. I believe most of them have inherited their wealth.
I see a lot of Lamborghinis in Dubai. For owning that car in Canada you have to work all your life and save up everything to just own that car.
Even if you have an engineering car you will need 10 years of hard work and saving everything to own such a car. This is why I wonder what is it that they do.

June 22, 2016       

Motivating myself

So if you do not know, I am bipolar. That means that I have moments that I feel very high and motivated and I could feel depressed and hopeless the next day. This is something that has helped me through life and success so far.
I have noticed that when I am very high I start a project and leave it on my low days but overall I will get back to it and get done projects that a normal person would never do.
My friend is flying to Iran today and I am kind of jealous. I am still unsure where I want to build my next start-up. It is definitely not Canada. It will be Iran or Mauritius. I will find out in a couple months.

June 20, 2016       


When it comes to a down-market, your best friends are your fear and patience. I have learned this in different times. Right now the market does not seem to want to go up. The presidential election is around the corner. The past few elections have shown that the market WILL go down. The uncertainty is very well shown looking at the past graphs.
I am thinking of instead of selling and waiting for the market to go down, I should do covered calls with options. This way I collect a premium doing that and I am not getting out of the market which is a very difficult thing for me to do. So covered calls it is.

June 19, 2016       


Once you have over 500K in savings or investment, life is a lot easier. The reason for that is that if you have that amount of money invested in a strong stock that you can hold for life and gives you a return of 8-10% a year and use a bit of margin for it then you can have salary of a regular engineer every month. From there you can invest into the same stock or different stocks. My strategy is similar, I have my base stocks and whatever I get in gains or dividends from my base stocks I invest in other high dividend stocks. If you follow this strategy after 10 years you will be really really rich!

June 18, 2016       


So looking at the history every 8 years around this time, right before the presidential election, there is a market crash. If I am right then it will be difficult for me. Because I am not selling any of my stocks and I am very exposed to the market as of now. I get tempted to sell some of my stocks and re-buy when time comes (which is sometime in December 2016) but it is a very difficult act. I want to be exposed to the market all the time.

June 17, 2016       

Trading stocks

If there is anything I learned in the past 5 years trading stocks, it is not to sell. Basically what makes a successful investor is an investor who chooses stocks that s/he going to hold for a long time.
I have also decided to follow my own rule and invest in dividend paying stocks that I am going to hold forever. TD and RBC are two of them that I am holding forever. ENB is another that I am looking into. Apple also is a stock that I am going to hold for a very very long time if not forever. I might convert my Google stocks to Apple or vice versa sometime!

June 16, 2016       

Living the dream

When I think about it I have achieved 80% of my dreams. The rest of my dreams are basically just higher numbers and bigger scales of what I have now.
The bigger dream is to increase revenue of my current companies and opening another successful company. When I have a lot of money opening a charity company doesn’t hurt either :)
I have started a strategy called ”Ten-a-month” I am planning to invest 10K every month to add to my portfolio aside re-investing into my own business so that I have more than one leg if anything happens to either.

June 15, 2016       

Life planning

I plan my life over and over with different scenarios everyday. I even have chosen my 6 kids names :)
My company Kerixa is working on a bunch of Facebook games and we are hoping to have a lot of success. Two of our apps have build very good user base and we are using that to improve on other apps.
Also our websites are doing well and at the same time we are launching new websites every month.
If we continue with the same speed we will have our 100th website in 3-4 years.
That would be awesome!

June 14, 2016       

Coping with stress

Everybody has a way to cope with stress. For me I write here or sleep or watch Youtube. My stress is not that I am not going to be become successful. It is more like I am worried that I do not enjoy the ride of the next industry change or the current opportunity that I hear success of many people everyday who took advantage of an opportunity.

June 13, 2016       


Ah this morning I was pretty stressed out and woke up because it is the special day for Apple and it is WWDC. The shares only dropped by less than 2%. I thought today there will be a big movement in Apple but 2% down is not that bad.
Other than Apple, I am holding GOOGL and some Canadian banks in my portfolio. I know, it is not very diversified but I believed highly in Apple and Google. I would only diversify if I had ten times more money than what I have now. But diversification is also a risky act. The other two are TD and RBC bank. These 4 stocks I really know about them. If I invest in anything else, I am investing in a company that I am unsure of their future. These four are what I am going to hold forever, unless an opportunity comes to invest in my own company.

June 12, 2016       

First things first

The first thing I do when I wake up most days is to check to see yesterday’s profit. And when I see a up trend for the past month I get really excited
Today was one of those days where continually I have doubled the profit on one of my new apps in the past few days. I wonder how much this bigger guys make on Facebook with hundreds of millions of users.
The smartest thing that comes to my mind and I have been using this strategy for a few years is to create lots of apps and hope to have a lot of users on each one of them.This way the company is more secured and there is more to do. And one day, maybe one day, one of those apps that you just hoped to make a few dollars for you turns to hundreds of dollars a day. This has happened twice for me.
Right now I making my money on two platforms, Google and Facebook. I am not sure how scalable my business is. Does it mean if I continue to make thousands of apps and websites I could proportionally make more money. That is my business model for now!

June 11, 2016       

Moving to Mauritius

I bought my tickets to Mauritius and I am moving for about one year. The date is set for July 20, 2016 and one of my favourite co-workers is moving with me. If things go well I might have my company moved to there and boom!
I am also very excited for my Apple stocks that I have purchased about a month ago. I think it will go up!

June 10, 2016       

Create a company

I personally believe that everyone should create a company before they die. The feeling of waking up in the morning and thinking that your company is growing is just priceless. The feeling of having a passive income is more than priceless.
My dream is to open a company that its main branch is in Mauritius and another in Toronto. An international company that works on games and websites or something tech related. I want to create something with value and pay back in my way. There is still a lot of room in the industry for start ups in tech.
And I definitely think that something big is going to come. Something that will change the way we do things in this era. I am getting ready to be a part of that movement.

June 9, 2016       

First Post

I woke up and finished up this website. I made it quickly as this is mostly my personal notes written online. I hope you enjoy it.